Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Go Braves!

This past weekend was our 2nd Annual Reds vs Braves Road Trip with friends.

Note the friendly rivalry between friends :) Some of us are Braves fans, and some are Reds fans.
It was HOT! We had great seats, though, that provided a breeze and shade when we needed it.
Friday night was Fireworks Night. It was also Ladies Night. All the girls got free chocolate and pink Joey Votto tshirts.
AP and I chased down Rosie on Saturday so she could give her a hug. While we were waiting for our turn to talk to Rosie, we watched a guy propose to his girlfriend :)
AP was cooling off with a bag of what used to be ice on her head.

We had a great time with good friends. We ended up getting to see the Braves win a game, then the Reds win a game. Everyone wins :)
Now we are getting ready for yet another road trip!! The last one we can possibly squeeze into our summer before school starts.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kindergarten Camp

Wednesday AP got to experience a little bit of kindergarten. Her school had assessment days before they divide the classes up. As we were getting ready that morning, she said "I just keep telling myself 'Don't pick your nose or they won't be your friend!' " Haha! That's so much pressure!
She walked in like she owned the place, though, so I'm pretty sure she wasn't nervous. When I picked her up she came out and said, "I'm smart now, I don't need to go back" :)

And just a reflection on parenting the 2nd child:
The first day that C entered the school building as a kindergartner (who am I kidding, the first 20 days) he had on a brand new outfit, probably freshly pressed! On this, AP's first day, I let her choose. I did make sure it was clean, but her criteria for the shirt she chose was that it made her think of her best friend. Sounded perfect to me! It didn't even cross my mind to put on a new outfit until I saw some kiddos there who no doubt had on brand new duds from head to toe. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with new outfits, we even have a few. I just thought the difference in my own attitude and parenting was amusing.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hello Great Wolf

Last week we made a family vacation out of a required work trip for Hubs. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to spend the week at The Great Wolf Lodge. It was a little piece of heaven on Earth for my kiddos. They LOVE to swim and that's pretty much what we did non-stop for 4 days. There is an entire water park inside the hotel.

Hubs' parents live about 4 hours away from where we were so they came to visit. They even got in on the water park fun! Daddy Bob did one of the big water slides and Grandma Judy braved the wave pool :)

This was C's attempt at taking a picture of us eating dinner by the pool. As we were checking in the first afternoon there was a lady checking out who stopped us and gave us vouchers for 8 free meals that expired the next day! We used 4 at lunch and 4 at dinner and ended up saving close to $60!!

Each night there was Pajama Story Time in the lobby. We were able to catch it one night, then have our picture made with Wiley the Great Wolf mascot.

Saturday night we went out to eat to celebrate Grandma Judy's birthday and a belated Fathers Day for Daddy Bob. I love this pic of the kiddos waiting outside the restaurant.

Sunday morning we met up with the grandparents one last time for breakfast before we hit the road.It was definitely a fun trip. C almost started crying when we had to leave Great Wolf. He wanted me to promise that we would go back some time :)

Now we are home and gearing up for our next road trip in 2 days!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Freedom, Friends, and Fireworks

This weekend has been full to the brim with celebrating our freedom, fellowship with good friends, good food, boat rides, and lots of fireworks!

Saturday night our small group from church came to our house for a cookout.

After dinner and lots of fun playing with our friends we drove over to the park (or as close as we could get!) to watch our town fireworks.

Then Monday afternoon we met up with my aunt, uncle, and cousin to ride the boat down the Cumberland River and watch the Nashville fireworks downtown.

We had lots of fun playing on the water trampoline, listening to Darius Rucker who was playing on the riverfront, and watching the fireworks. Nashville's fireworks were amazing!! I don't think I've ever seen anything that compares, especially the finale!