Tuesday, October 30, 2012

4 wheelin'

My uncle recently rebuilt a little quad for the kiddos.  
I'm pretty sure it was mostly for C, but he was a little uneasy about getting on it.  


Guess who jumped right on and starting jumping ramps within the first 30 minutes???

Heaven help us :)

Backing Up ~ Red Hot Season Comes to an End

Our fall ball season winded down earlier this month.  Hubs and I had so much fun coaching this group of girls.  They improved so much from the beginning of the season that in the last few games it was hard to believe it was the same team!

Since I was helping coach this season, I got very few good pictures.  At one of the last few games, I lugged my big camera in the dugout with me and snapped a few :)

We are already looking forward to spring ball!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Backing Up ~ Family Campout Under The Stars

A few weeks ago we participated in the Family Campout Under the Stars at a local park.  Several of our friends camped, too, and we had lots of fun!  
It had been raining off and on all day before we got there so we weren't too sure about the weather, but it turned out perfect (plus a little mud!).  

Daddy did a great job setting up our tent.
 After setting up, we roasted weenies.

The boys played tag in the dark.

Then some of the teenagers that were there started a game of kickball on one of the baseball fields.  Somehow it ended up being parents vs kiddos.  The parents dominated that game :)

Of course, AP's baby was there.

After kickball, it was smore making time!


We ended the night with a movie shown on a big inflatable screen.
We had such a fun time with our friends and are looking forward to camping with them again soon!

Monday, October 8, 2012

InstaFriday {on a Monday}

I started writing this on Friday, but, you know, things happen.  Things like visits from grandparents!
And now it's Monday.
So I'm just now sharing pictures I've taken with my phone over the last week.

Fall fell on our front porch!  I love pumpkins and mums.

Last Friday night, I took AP and her friend to a birthday party of a classmate.  
It was a super cute outdoor movie-viewing party, complete with a popcorn machine and candy concession stand.  I just might have to copy that idea at a later date :)

The Red Hots are on a 2 game winning streak!  
We won our game this past Thursday and then we won again Saturday!  
Saturday was our last official game of the season and we have our post-season tournament game tomorrow night.  We are very excited!

Sammy had to switch heartworm preventative because of a problem with the manufacturer and his new medicine made him sick one day this week.  He was pitiful :(

AP learned somewhere about aloe vera plants and their medicinal qualities and she has been begging for one.  We just happened to find one in a zebra print pot so I couldn't pass it up.
She named it.
Suzie Zebra H.
Suzie even got a ride in her stroller.

Just a few pictures of the sky...

C went to his first day of Fit Club this past Tuesday.  This is a club that stays after school to learn about fitness, nutrition, and various sports.  This week they learned about the rules of hockey and what a calorie is.

Despite his sick day from his new medicine, this cute little guy got a clean bill of health at his annual well visit.
(and a funny sidenote, I posted this pic while we were at the vet, and a FB friend saw it, asked what kind he was, called the breeder, paid a deposit and picked up her new puppy the next day!)

These two are trouble.

And, last, but not least, my two cuties just being cute on a rainy Monday morning!