Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Toddler Bed Update

We're taking a break. I suppose that AP is thinking big girl beds are no fun if you have to actually STAY IN THEM. Now she won't even go near it. We will revisit the issue in a few weeks. Any words of wisdom? I really don't want to force her b/c it's really not that big of a deal. C was just so easy at this age. We told him to stay in his bed and yell for us if he needed anything. and he did. just like that. It's a whole different ballgame with our little pumpkin, not bad just different.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Third Time's A Charm?

Yesterday morning I took C to a birthday party for one of his classmates. It was at our local jump place. This place has been hoppin' (no pun intended), C has been invited to 3 parties there in the last 2 weeks! He loves it though, and would go everyday if we let him. He is the blur at the top of the tall slide.

I took a picture of the teeny tiny 4 year old about to blow out her candles because I wanted you all to see that she had a Harley cake. Yep, this little bitty girl wanted a Harley Davidson cake. I thought that was really cute.

Then yesterday afternoon we went to one of my coworkers house to pick up a toddler bed, against my better judgement. I know that she is ready, I mean she is already potty trained and I feel like we are holding her hostage in her crib. Every time she has to go potty in the night she has to scream for us. So, I thought maybe, just maybe, she might do ok moving up to a toddler bed. It would also be a good transition because we have told Santa that she would like a twin bed for Christmas. However, I should have listened to my maternal instincts. I know my girl's personality and I know that if she doesn't want to stay in her bed she's not going to. My maternal instinct was very right.

This was AP promising me that she was going to stay in her bed last night.
Well, she got up three times and then we found her playing in her floor and back to the crib she went. Then this was AP promising me at nap time today that she was going to stay in her bed and take a nap.

She did not keep her promise and is now snoozing away in her crib :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

My First Online Date

Well, it's not really online dating, but that's what I felt like as I was driving to dinner tonight. I first "met" M and J through her blog, Contents of My Heart. But, we finally met in person tonight! (Isn't J a handsome little guy?)

They are travelling in 2 weeks to go back and get their Kyrgyz cutie. AP took to M right away. She sat in her lap to help her open presents for Baby E. Of course, all the kiddos had to see what they looked like in the baby bonnet :)

AP even let M hold her like a baby. Awww...

M was so laid back about the kiddos climbing all over the seats and opening up and wearing all of Baby's E's gifts. She was probably thinking "what have I gotten myself into!"

We can't wait to see Baby E in the pictures with us! (and maybe the husbands, too :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Soon She Won't Need Me At All...

I have mentioned on here before how AP is Little Miss Independent. I mean she picks out her clothes, dresses herself completely including socks and shoes, washes her own hair, buckles herself in her car seat, and potty trained herself before she was 2. I think one of her very first phrases was "I got it", meaning I don't need your help thank you very much. Can I just say that she is the complete and total opposite of her brother? Anyway, a few nights ago after she dressed herself in her jammies, she said she was going to dry her hair. I told her to go ahead and then followed her to see what she would do. She proceeded to get the hair dryer down (it stays plugged in so she didn't have to touch the plugs), turn it on and then dry her own hair. completely. She even shook it back and forth and leaned her head over to get the underneath! I think she is slowly phasing me out!

Monday, September 22, 2008


This afternoon C and Hubs were heading out to the driving range and AP decided that she really wanted to go. She was saying "please, daddy, golf" over and over and over. Well, the only way that AP could go was if mommy went too, so we all piled in and headed to our local driving range. The boys enjoyed the golf, while AP and I occupied ourselves by taking pictures. I'm warning you, there's a lot, it was so pretty outside and my subjects are so darn cute!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall Football and Food

This has been a weekend full of fall fun. Friday night was Homecoming at my high school alma mater and the school that C attends. Our school won! Here are the kiddos cheering on their team. Someone gave C a homemade shaker so that is the blur at the bottom of the pic. He loved making noise with it each time our team did something good.

Saturday was the UT/FL football game. We won't discuss the horrible outcome. Hubs and I went to K'town for the game. Thanks to Boompa, Baba, and Uncle who shared kiddo duties while we were gone. Uncle even braved taking both of them out to Red Lobster by himself!

Then this afternoon I tried a new recipe that was in my Southern Living magazine in August. I love reading all the recipes and decorating ideas in Southern Living. This recipe was for lasagna cups. The pictures don't look that appetizing, but they were really really good and easy to make!