Saturday, August 30, 2008

Airplanes in the Dark

Tonight was the first time that I have seen AP eat a slice of watermelon. She may have eaten chunks of it before, but I think it was the first time she managed a big piece. She really liked it, but was not too happy with the juice getting on her fingers. It was a really good watermelon, too (thanks, Baba!)

We had a few friends over for dinner tonight. One of the couples has a 2 month old baby. AP LOVES babies. She gave her kisses, rubbed her hair, and rocked her seat. Isn't Baby H a cutie patootie? She has the biggest beautiful eyes.

Tonight after getting ready for bed we were playing in the floor and C asked to play airplane in the dark. When my kiddos play airplane they are riding my feet in the air. So tonight we added a twist and turned the lights out. They both thought it was hilarious for some reason.

Tomorrow is C's FOURTH forever family day! It's crazy how time can fly by so quickly, yet it seems that he has always been a part of our family. If you have ever met C, then you know that he is definitely one of a kind. We are so blessed to have him as a part of us.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Battle of The Alma Maters

This morning we told C that if it wasn't raining tonight we would go to the high school football game. He goes to a Pre K-12th school and we drive past the football field every morning. He asks almost every day when it is going to be football time. After we told him that we would be going tonight, he said (and I promise I don't make up his crazy sayings), "Well, when I go to avotional (that's how he says devotional) at school today, I'm just going to tell those girls that stack up themselves that I'll see them at the game!" I'm assuming the high school cheerleaders must come to the elementary devo to tell the kids about the game and C had plans to arrange a date with the cheerleaders, better known as the girls that stack up themselves! He is so silly sometimes. We did end up going to the game. It was my alma mater (C's school) versus hubs' alma mater. C and I are sad to say we got our tails kicked :(

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another Deep Thought from C

"I don't like Obama, cause I like UT." (I'm not saying which side of the political fence we are on, but I am saying we train our Vols early! :)

A Cubbie, A Puggle, and My Office/Closet

This is the third year that our church has had an Awana program. It is a great program to teach children very early to begin memorizing scripture. It is a little like Scouts in that they have a uniform and earn badges as they move through their books. This is the first year that we have had Puggles, which is the 2-3 year old group in Awana. So this year I have a Cubbie and a Puggle. I am a leader in the Cubbie group. The kids really enjoy it.

On the way home from church last night, C said excitedly, "I want to learn everything I can about the Bible!" So he proceeded to get his little Bible out and scan the pages in the back seat. Then little sister, who has to have everything that her brother has, gets very upset and starts screaming "me Bible me Bible" over and over. Being the bad parent that I am, I hadn't really gotten her a Bible that she could carry around yet. She has a few that were gifts when she came home, but not one that she could lug around. By the time we walked into the house, she was in full on meltdown mode. Hubs ran to her to see what was wrong and then I explained that she was upset that she didn't have a Bible. We decided to have a talk with C to see if he was ready to pass down his "baby" Bible and start carrying his "big boy" Bible. He was all about moving on to big boy things, so here they are both happy after the passing down of the Bible.

A while back I blogged about refinishing my desk from my office at school. It was in pitiful shape, so I sanded it down, painted it black, and then distressed it. I forgot to take before pics, so here are a few pics of the "after" desk and of my office where I spend some time each day. Keep in mind that it is the size of a closet, so I am doing the best I can with what I've got.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Rest of the IKEA Story

I kept thinking about how much I liked that bedding and what a good deal it was. So after lunch yesterday my sister and I decided to go back to IKEA. I was thinking that I would just get everything they had and then my sister would keep checking back for the other duvet. Guess what? They had both duvets! They must have restocked Saturday night! Crazy, huh? I was so excited. C was with us this time and he said "maybe Jesus brought it because he knew we needed it!" Note to self: I need to explain to C later that I just wanted it, but I didn't really need it. Anyway, we are home from Cincy now and I will take a picture of my new peaceful bedding after it is all in place. I am now an IKEA fan.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Thrill and Letdown of IKEA

A new IKEA opened up not too long ago close to my mom's house. I have heard all sorts of wonderful things about this store, but had never experienced it for myself, mainly because there has never been one anywhere near me. I was so excited about all of the bargains and cool stuff that I was going to find. Here are AP and my niece, S, ready for the bargain hunting. We could not figure out how to shop correctly when we first got there. The "showroom" is set up as actual rooms in your house. When you see something that you like you get out your provided pencil and spreadsheet and jot down all the necessary info. AP found a little chair that she needed to test out.
About halfway through I spotted bed linens that I really really liked and it was an awesome deal. So I jotted down the numbers for several pieces- cushions, cushion covers, 2 different coordinating duvets, shams. After you leave the "showroom", you go downstairs to try to find the pieces that you picked or have someone help you. I gathered all of my goods-and it was a lot of different pieces- just to find out that they were out of one of the duvets. It was the necessary piece that tied everything together! I found a worker who verified it was out of stock, told me that he couldn't order it, and it wasn't available online! I was so bummed. There was a chance they would have more in next week, but I live almost 6 hours away! I was so frustrated that I left my cart right there in the store with all my stuff in it. So, if you were working at IKEA this afternoon and you had to reshelve a lot of coordinating bedding please accept my apology.
This morning we took the kiddos to have cute cousin pictures made. There were several that turned out pretty good. We won't get them for several more weeks, so we tried to snap a few shots in my sister's yard. Impossible with these three! Here are the best of the bunch and a collage of our outtakes.

After dinner tonight (yummy brats grilled up by nanna's friend G) the kiddos had some fun hanging out in Nanna's basement.

Tomorrow we are going to church with Nanna and G then heading home! We are ready to see daddy again!

Friday, August 22, 2008

We Closed Down The Park

Yesterday after school the kiddos and I drove to Cincy. It seemed like a long drive, but we made good time (taking our own potty cut down on the number of dirty bathroom stops). This morning after b'fast we headed out to Kings Island with nanna, my sister, and my cutie niece.
We spent NINE hours there today. The kiddos were so good. C got to ride every single ride that he was tall enough for and he is really tall for his age so that was a lot of rides!
He is such a daredevil. The faster the roller coaster the more he likes it.
His favorite was one that spun around really fast while it swung back and forth. He loved it. He also really liked the water rides. AP was so MAD when she wasn't tall enough and C was. She did get to ride a lot, though. The Nick Jr area has so many kiddo rides that you could spend the whole day there.
MY favorite part of the day was when my sis and I did the Sky Flier.
Yep, that's us. It was soooo cool.We are all super tired now and off to bed!