Thursday, May 31, 2007

We're Famous!

Not really...but C and I did make it in our local newspaper. This is a pic of us on the ferris wheel at the local carnival last week. We went when Nanna was here. C had a friend with him and they had a lot of fun. The best part for AP was getting to try cotton candy for the first time (thanks to Nanna).

And just because it was cute...This was our bathtime experience tonight. AP has decided that she likes to wash her brother...

She thinks it is fun. He does not...

That makes it even more fun!

(this is a hysterical laugh, not an upset face)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Late Memorial Day

We had a great long weekend. We started out by working on our latest addition (no, it's not another baby). Pics of that to come when it is finished. We got a lot of work done outside, not so much done inside.

Yesterday we went to party at Boompa and Baba's to celebrate Memorial Day ~ thank you soldiers present and past ~ and to celebrate the third birthday of this little princess...
The kids there had fun in a little splash pool and running around pretending to be unicorns with the party hats on their forehaeds like horns. C said that a unicorn says "honk, honk". Who knew?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Back to Reality

Nanna is now on her way back to the land of pop (vs. Coke). We have really enjoyed the last week. We have been completely spoiled. I hope hubby didn't get too used to being waited on and having dinner warm on the table when he got home :) The kiddos had lots of fun with their Nanna. Here are a few pics from the last week.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Just Call Me Aunt Sissy

I am officially going to be an aunt! I am so excited. My kiddos are fun, but it will be even more fun to spoil one and then give it back to it's rightful owner :) My little sister had her 12wk appt today and heard the little bean's heartbeat. All is well.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Graduation Celebrations

Thursday was my cousin, J's, graduation. We have been celebrating for the last three days. The actual ceremony was Thursday night. J walked across the stage with 400+ of his closest friends. It was way different than my small graduating class of 95 back in the day. Here is J diploma in hand...
and here is little man sporting his tie... Friday night Nanna treated us to a great dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We ate way too much and it was really good. C and AP were digging on the Banana Cream Pie cheesecake.
Then this morning C had another soccer game. It was his best one yet. He actually had a little play going and almost scored! But, this is still what he does the majority of the time...
After the game, we spent the day on aunt and uncle's boat. C is a little more afraid of the water this year than he was last year. He was not too sure about getting in the raft. He got in for just a few minutes, then requested to get back in the boat. He did like riding on J's shoulders. He said they were exploring the jungle... AP has no fear of the water and enjoyed chilling out with me in the raft.
Then tonight we all headed to a local Japanese Hibachi steakhouse for dinner. It was all fun and games until AP had the blow out of blow outs. Sorry if that grosses anyone out, but it is the truth. Let's just say we had to wipe down the high chair and strip her down. Somehow, the only change of clothes I had in the car were C's, so AP had to put on a big T-shirt of her 4yo brother's. That wouldn't be so bad, but we had to go into Kroger on the way home. I was a little embarassed, but what can you do, these things happen. The night ended with a great fireworks display that Nanna's boyfriend put together. He is a professional fireworks man. It was pretty impressive.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Go, Diego...and the rest of our weekend

Friday night the boys had a great time at Go, Diego, Go. Thankfully, A just dropped us off there and came back to get us b/c it was pouring down rain and we would have all three been wet if I had tried to find parking downtown and walk with them to TPAC. The boys were dancing, singing, and roaring the whole time. And in case you are wondering, Diego was able to rescue Baby Jaguar's growl from the bobos so that they could celbrate the animal carnival and they all lived happily ever after. Don't worry these are not really jaguars....
Then, I guess Friday night would be considered C's first "sleepover". It was so much fun listening to them talk on the baby monitor while they were supposed to be going to sleep. They decided they wanted to sleep together in C's floor, so we took the futon mattress out of the office and made a big floor bed.
This is little sister already caught in the act annoying her brother and his friends. She wanted to be in their bed with them. It wasn't so cute to hear them giggling on the monitor at 5:30 am!

We had a great Mother's Day. After church we went to the lake with Baba and Boompa. It was AP's first boat ride. She couldn't have cared less, but she did not like the life jacket. The weather was beautiful.
Then we went to aunt and uncle's for a cookout. It made for one long day and 2 tired kiddos.

Today we spent the morning at the park. We had G with us and I got some really cute pics.

As far as AP's finger, the pediatrician looked at it on Friday and said he thought it looked good...I'm glad he thinks so. We are just to rebandage it every other day. He put a nice finger splint and wrapped it up in this hot pink stretchy stuff. It was actually kind of cute, but it only lasted 4 hours! She had managed to start unwrapping it already. So we wrapped paper tape around the outside of it. Then when we unwrapped everything on Saturday, we found out that she must be allergic to the pink stretchy stuff! She had blisters all around her little wrist and hand. You can't win for losing sometimes.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

It started out so good...

Yesterday started out as a really good day. I was able to get a run in before A left for work, which is a feat for me since I'm not an early riser. Then Baby G was born happy and healthy. But, it started to go downhill from there. C woke up on the wrong side of the bed and ended up spending a while in time out for kicking the dog for no good reason. Then it all fell apart. Let's just say that I win the "Bad Mom of the Year" award, I won't go into details, but AP cut the very tip of her finger. off. Yes, hubby and I almost had a heart attack when we heard the word "off". I could not tell if it was bad enough to warrant an ER visit or not, but it would.not.stop.bleeding. We did end up going to the ER, but there wsa no skin there to stitch :( they just put on neosporin and a little finger sling. I have to give a huge shout out to the Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital. We were in and out, from walking in the door to discharge instructions, in about 40 minutes. The first person that we saw was a doc assessing the situation. It was very calm and organized. They tried to reassure me that I did not qualify for BMOTY (bad mom of the year). Here is the poor girl in the waiting room...

see my hurt finger...

Then this is our happy girl hanging out on the patio at San Antonio Taco Co afterward with her little finger sling. She really is a trooper.
Then we headed to yet a different hospital to go visit Baby G.

Then I thought today would be a better day. I am really in love with this...
but, after I got "Kiss Me Mint" clean, our girl pulled her finger out of the finger sling while crawling and it started bleeding again! just as much as yesterday! So, I attempted the bad mom's version of a finger sling, complete with neosporin.

We follow up with our pediatrician tomorrow to see if it is healing. Then tomorrow night is the long-awaited (at least at our house) "Go, Diego, Go" Live. I am taking C and his friend G, that is G's surprise for being a new big brother and was one of C's b-day presents.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Baby G is here!

Baby G was born this morning. She and mom are both healthy. G weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces and is 19 inches long. Hopefully I can put a pic on later. We are going to visit tonight.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Fun in the Sun

Today we went to play with G, C's best little buddy. They had fun out in the great weather, although at times C and G act more like brothers than friends. That is not surprising since they grew up together, but they tend to annoy each other on purpose. We got some cute pics of AP outside on their patio. 2 more days until little G is born! AP is ready to have another little girl to play with.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Things We Do For Our Kids

2 carnivals in two days...prayers from the top of a built-in-an-hour ferris wheel...staying in the rain to look at wet horses...$8 worth of tries at a stuffed jaguar...setting a place for "Bud the Jaguar" at the dinner table....

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

AP's Dinner Party

Monday night there was a "welcome home" dinner party in AP's honor hosted by A's boss. Several of A's coworkers came. We chatted, had dinner, and then opened presents. AP got even more cute clothes. The highlight of the night was that AP puked all over her cute white dress just as we were sitting down to eat...and this was not just a little spit up. It was a first for her. The odd thing was she smiled afterward, so I'm not sure what was going on with her little belly. We stripped her down and I followed a few inches behind her the rest of the night, hoping to be able to get to her before it happened again on their carpet or a nice area rug. But, she was fine the rest of the night. Here is a cute pre-puke shot...

and then happy as a lark afterward!

C got a few presents, too.

Today we met friends in the park for a play date and picnic. C had lots of fun. They decided to spend most of their time playing in the sand on the sand volleyball field. We had sand from head to toe!