Friday, October 28, 2011

Hakuna Mutata

I've made it to the last day of recap! Day 4 started with breakfast at Chef Mickeys. We loved seeing all the traditional characters there. By this point, the kids had figured out that it was cool to get their autographs! After breakfast, we rode the monorail to the exchange terminal and caught the bus to The Animal Kingdom. We spent all all day at Animal Kingdom. Our first stop was the bird show, which we had been told was really neat. And it was neat, but our local zoo has a show very similar so we would probably skip that next time. We then when to the Bug's Life show, which was my favorite thing at that park. I love all the 3D effects and little surprises! We also caught the Lion King show, I really thought AP would love that one, especially when the monkeys started doing gymnastics, but she fell asleep! As far as roller coasters, we really liked the Everest ride (C did that one twice!) and the Dinosaur ride. We also enjoyed seeing some unique animals up close on the safari. We finished our Animal Kingdom day with their parade. All of the Disney parades are very entertaining! We ended our last day at Mickeys-Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, but that's a separate post of its own :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Costume Night at Awana

Last night was the kids' costume party in their Awana program at church. My kiddos ended up with about 4 costumes each this year, mainly because I can't resist buying them after Halloween when they are marked down to $3! But, even with all our newish costumes, C chose to wear his ninja from last year :) AP, if you can't tell, is a fairy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happily Ever After

After our naps on Day 3, we were off to catch the ferry over to the Grand Floridian. And it was grand! We really only saw the lobby of the hotel and it was super nice. We had dinner there at 1900 Park Fare, The Happily Ever After Dinner with Cinderella, Prince Charming, the stepmother , and her 2 stepsisters. They all acted out their roles perfectly. My favorite was the stepmother. She kept picking on C after she heard him say "seriously?" . She would come by our table and say "seriously!". After dinner, we rode the monorail for a late night Epcot trip. When we got there we really only had time for one ride, but it was one the big boys had been wanting to do, Mission:Space. C was tall enough to go on the "milder" version of the ride. I went with him and he took the whole thing so seriously. I think he thought we were really controlling a spaceship bound for Mars! After I rode with C, my friend and I did the "more intense" version and I thought my chest was going to cave in! There is some serious G force, or whatever it is called! We finished the rides just in time to see Epcot's laser, water, and fireworks show. That was one long day! We all slept well that night!


On Day 3 at Disney we spent the entire day, actually the entire day up until our afternoon nap, in just one area of the Magic Kingdom- Tomorrowland. Day 3 was the first day that we decided that an afternoon nap was a must for young and old alike :) There was so much to do just in this one section. I rode Space Mountain twice, we drove race cars, went to a comedy show, got scared by Stitch, rode up high over the park in the Astro Orbiter (which we read later had caught on fire the day before we rode, good thing we didn't know that!), rode the People Mover, and several other rides. This was also the first day that it was sunny, so the crowd was larger and the lines a little longer. We sort of missed the rain!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Pumpkin, Parties, and Pumpkins

This is typical afternoon attire for AP (around here we call her pumpkin)! I decided to snap a few pics earlier this week just so I would always remember what a diva she was in kindergarten :)

Tuesday night we had C's fall baseball team's end-of-the-year party at a local skating rink. Daddy has really enjoyed being C's coach and hopes to have the opportunity to coach again in the future, maybe even softball!

I tried to get a pic of C skating, but they all looked like this! He has gotten much more confident on his skates.
AP got in on the skating, too. Tutu and all :)

C's number won in the number game. Glow stick prizes are the best.

Time for baseball cupcakes!

Man, he's cute :)

Tonight the kids and I added a little flair to the pumpkins on our front porch.

I love them!
(the kiddos and the pumpkins :)