Monday, March 31, 2008

New Digs

I am here. Will climb out from under boxes soon!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Putting Out Fires

This morning C and I went with the POP (Parents of Preschoolers) group at our church to tour our local fire department. C was in a very chatty mood. Every time the fireman asked questions, C was the first to answer. He even began telling the fireman all about us packing and moving to a new house. The kids really enjoyed looking at all the parts of the firetruck.
The siren was really loud!They look like they are in a police line-up! The fireman was showing the kids how things look through a heat sensor.
Baby G was checking it out, too.Several fellow bloggers have asked about the egg pics in my last post. I use to edit photos sometimes. There is an option to create "focal color" and you can choose an area to be in color and the rest will be in b&w. Like this:
It's totally free and fun to play with!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Ok, bad mom confession...I had never colored Easter eggs with C...until yesterday. I had a preconceived notion that it was too messy and he had never brought it up, so we just never did it. But, we went to our friends' house yesterday and they had a Cars coloring kit left. The kiddos liked it, I wouldn't say they had really missed out on anything, but they had fun. And it really wasn't that messy!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

He Lives

Hubs was so upset that we did not sing He Lives in service this morning. He says it's not really Easter unless you sing that, so we sang our own version in the van on the way home from church. We did sing lots of other songs around that theme, but just not that specific one. Hope you all had a special Easter, took time to think about the significance, and got to sing all the songs that make your heart happy!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

C and Boompa's Day Out

C is on Spring Break this week. It would be nice if his preschool and my school were on the same schedule, but they aren't. My Spring Break is next week. The good thing is I will be able to pack up the house sans kiddos. C spent some big boy time with Boompa today.
C wanted to wear his Beatles shirt since it was Beatles week on American Idol (and I thought he wasn't paying attention). They went to lunch together and then to see "Horton Hears a Who." C had a really good time. He gave me a play by play of the movie in the car this afternoon. Thanks Boompa!

On a sadder note, poor little AP was so hurt that she did not get to go. We wanted her to get a little more down time to make sure she had fully recuperated. She ran to the closet to get her jacket and was crying at the door as they left :( She loves her Boompa. She quickly cheered up, though, when daddy took her outside to swing. That is one of her favorite things to do. She is 100% better today (knock on wood). She bounced back just as quickly as she went down. It was really weird. I'm hoping she wakes up fever free again tomorrow b/c we are planning on going to the zoo and it is supposed to be a beautiful spring day!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Down again

A fever has knocked our girl down again. She started feeling bad this morning and was really warm by the afternoon. Poor girl!

But, sometimes you still need to do a few things around the house even when your baby just wants to lay on you. This was our solution.
AP got back in the Snugli that we used while in Kyrg. She loved it and momma got to pack a few boxes (we are moving by the way, I don't think I've mentioned that here yet).

Then, the miracle Tylenol kicked in and our girl was a ball of energy again!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's Time For.....

We had our first practice of the season tonight in what seemed like tornado-like winds. The cones, goals, balls, and kiddos were blowing everywhere! If you have been reading this blog since last soccer season (thanks if you have) then you remember that it was.....challenging. C started the season when he was only 3 and lets just say he was a little too young. He fell asleep on the bench once, cried on the field multiple times, and started a round of ring-around-the-rosies with the opponents! But, since the first of the year whenever we drove past the fields, he would ask if he could play again. We reminded him that he didn't like it last year, but he insisted that he wanted to try again. So, not only is he playing again, but Hubs and I are coaches! We shall see how this goes....

Monday, March 17, 2008

An Award and Paranoid Parenting

So, I have now officially been blogging for a year and I have seen other bloggers get little awards on their blogs, but never really understood what they meant or where they came from. But, now it's my turn! I was so excited to see that I had been given the "You Make The World A Better Place" Award by M at the Contents of My Heart. Thanks so much, M! I was very surprised. The cool thing about M is that she lives just one town over from me and is expecting a referral for a Kyrgyz princess very soon! AP will have a friend very close to her with so much in common. I can't wait for that referral.

So, having received the award, I am to pass it on to 5 others that make the world a better place. There are so many blogs I read that are so much more deserving than me, but alas there are only 5 to pass along, so here goes:

and My Sister at My Little Bliss

On to the paranoid parenting part of the post. This is where I slept last night.

Yes, in the floor right next to the scary giant Dora. I slept there b/c my friend called late in the evening last night to let us know that her daughter (AP's friend) was throwing up everywhere. AP had literally spent the entire day Sunday with her. So, I was so afraid that AP would get sick and I wouldn't hear it or I would hear it on the monitor and she would choke before I got there. She was so comfy in her bed already that I just decided to camp out on her floor all night. Thankfully, we both slept well and AP didn't get sick!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Ides of March Have Come

I stayed up way too late last night with my girlfriends. We were making decorations for another friend's baby shower that is coming up in the next few weeks. Everything turned out really cute. We made paper topiaries in her pink/brown theme. They are too adorable. I saw them on another website, though, not an original idea.
We also made 2 diaper wreaths that turned out great.We decoupaged the letters of the baby's name with pink and brown patterned scrapbook paper, but I haven't finished cutting those out yet.

Then today we all got ready for our Easter Egg Hunt at church, but found out as we were loading into the van that it had been cancelled. Here's our girl all Eastered up with nowhere to go :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

At Least For Today

It finally feels like spring! And the kiddos are loving it. I think it has caused some spring fever though. I had fourteen 4-year-old boys in Awana tonight that were We had no choice but to go outside and enjoy the weather!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Too Much Cute Under One Roof!

My sister, my niece, and Nanna are here visiting. My niece, S, has grown so much and is such a good baby! AP has absolutely LOVED having a baby in the house. She has been right next to the baby 24/7. She sits next to the baby and says "lap lap" until someone puts the baby in her lap. They have been too cute together.
Friday night we had more family over and my cousin, M, brought his new English Bulldog puppy. AP loved that "baby", too!

Will Work For Food

Thursday night we met Boompa and Baba at the Melting Pot to celebrate my, Boompa's, and Baba's birthdays. Ours all fall within 2 weeks of each other. We have made it a tradition to get together for fondue each year to celebrate because my dad and I really like it. C was all about the dipping. I think he ate more that night than he has eaten in a long time.

Hubs on the other hand does not really like it, but it's not his birthday, so he doesn't get a vote. He feels like he is having to work too much for his food. This picture captures his sentiments exactly!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

R and R with Gus

C and Gus rest in C's bed

C and Gus at a restaurant

C showing Gus his room

C and Gus going for a ride

Daddy reading a Bible story to C and Gus

C and gus shopping for raisins

C and Gus watching mommy cook rice

So here are a few of the pics that I included in our Gus book. The letter of the week that we were supposed to try to incorporate was R. I ended up finding a really cute half size (6X6)scrapbook at the Dollar Tree for $1! It has turned out great.