Sunday, May 30, 2010

that's how you rip it in half

Saturday C had a mid-morning game. We went a little early to see some of his friend's game and these two super cute kiddos decided to cover themselves in mud! But, you can't really get that mad, seriously, look at those smiles :)C had warned us that he planned to "rip it in half", meaning that he wanted to get a big hit.

And he did get a hit!!! He then told us that was how you rip it in half :)

Rounding first...
made it to second...
And then he scored!!! I was jumping at that point so I didn't get a picture :)

He ended up getting the game ball! This is the team clapping for him. C is sporting the best grin.
Checking out his game ball.

That afternoon Nanna got into town. As soon as she got here, AP talked her into taking them to my aunt's house so they could all spend the night there. AP has been begging to spend the night at my aunt and uncle's for a few weeks. So that meant kid-free night for Hubs and I!! We met some friends for dinner. We tried out a new bbq place in a nearby town and it was really good.

After dinner, Hubs and I went swimsuit shopping and stopped for ice cream. We were home and in bed by 10:00. We are getting old!

i'll celebrate that

Friday night was AP's soccer party celebrating the end of the season. AP asked "this means I don't have to play anymore?" She was ready to celebrate that!!! She did clarify several times that there would be no soccer playing at the soccer party :)

As the coach gave her her medal he asked her if she had fun playing soccer this year and she very matter-of-factly told him that no she did not! Another parent asked her if she was going to play soccer this fall and she issued another resounding NO :)

She totally acted like we were doing a model shoot here. You can't even see the little girl behind her!!

Her coach did an awesome job getting these young kiddos to play soccer. AP was not the only player that had begged to be there and then refused to play. At any point in the game, there were usually at least 2 players crying. He would beg them to come into the game. And then they might all decide to play at once and we would have 3 extra players on the field, but that didn't phase the coach. He is a soccer saint! But despite having such a great coach, we are happy to leave AP's soccer career behind, at least for a long while :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Last Day of K!

Over the last few weeks I worked with a few of the other kindergarten moms to plan a little "recognition" ceremony for our graduating kindergartners. The school was pretty adamant that they did not want a graduation, but a "celebration" was fine. So, call it what you will. We planned a little party for our class, complete with caps and gowns and diplomas.
My friend and I made these little cupcake toppers. They each either have a cap or a diploma on them.

Yesterday my friend went to the school and took each student's picture in their cap and gown so we wouldn't be so rushed today.

Last night we squeezed in another win for the Rays! We are in the running for the number 1 team. Every player got a game ball last night. C loves to get game balls!

This morning we got ready a little quicker knowing that we were about to have 2 months of summer! No alarm clock for at least 8 weeks :) They also had Beach Day today. So when I got to his class they were all soaking wet! So this cute little faux hawk was a mess in all the graduation pictures :)
Our cupcakes turned out pretty cute!

We found out today that the little friend on the right is moving to Miami over the summer :( He was one of C's good friends.
They sang a song with macarena movements. I think it was the months of the year.
C received the "Most Energetic" award. That's a nice way to put it!

Below is who I like to refer to as C's soul mate. Her picture has appeared here numerous times. She and C can play in their own little world for hours. They have never gotten mad at each other. ever. I'm sad to say that she and her family are moving to Texas next month :( But, we are just looking at it as a good reason to visit Texas! I will try my hardest to keep these two in touch. They have such a special bond that I'm sure the miles apart won't matter.
And, last but not least, C and Mrs C. I feel like she was just the right teacher for C this year. She has such a gift for seeing potential and being an advocate. Because of her hard work, we have resources now that are going to make the rest of C's school career a success!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

first yearbook

How is it that my baby is old enough to have a yearbook??? Today they signed each other's books. I love those kindergarten signatures!

Monday, May 24, 2010

speaking of the weekend

Friday we met up with little E and her mom and brother for lunch. We met at McD's and AP was not into playing there. But, when we went outside she was ready to play! It is crazy to think about these two coming from the exact same orphanage on the other side of the world. They were never there together as they are 2 years apart in age, but here they are together holding hands in middle TN :)

Friday night AP had a make up soccer game. She had to play the entire game because they had just enough players there. She actually did it! She may have been motivated by getting to go to the carnival after the game.

Speaking of the carnival, I may just be getting old, but I think it was waaaaaaaay overpriced. For 18 dollars the kiddos rode this little car around in circles....

and then I rode the ferris wheel with them. We could have easily spent over fifty dollars if we had ridden more, played games, and snacked. Does that seem expensive?
However, the kiddos really liked the two rides that we did ride. So I guess that's what matters.

We were going to all ride the ferris wheel together, but the little boy in front of us in line needed a partner and C volunteered. I was so nervous the whole time that he was going to try to stand up or something. But he did great!

It was really really muddy in the field where the carnival was set up. I made a bad footwear choice, too :)

Saturday we were supposed to have 2 baseball games, 1 soccer game, and 2 parties to try to fit into the day. The first baseball game was postponed due to the mud, so we actually got to attend everything. First was AP's friend's party in the park. The picture below is not the birthday girl, but this is her friend that had been at the beach for the last week. AP had asked me every day when she was coming home, so they were happy to be back together.

After the party it was time for AP's last game of the season. To say that she was excited for the season to be over is an understatement.

She enjoyed the game, though. She actually got in several plays and tried to take the ball away. She kept asking the coach "is this the last kick?"
C had a friend there to play with. They were racing and wrestling.

After lunch and a nap we were off to C's baseball game.
The team overall didn't do very well, but C got 2 big hits. The best he had hit all season. So he wasn't too upset that they lost. He gave himself 2 thumbs up!
Saturday night my aunt and uncle hosted a BBQ Blowout to kick off summer and boat season. There was live music and the kiddos were showing off their dance skills.

They even slowed it down a bit.

Our friends came by for a while, too.

C took the stage to sing Jamie Johnson's song, "In Color". He says that is his favorite song. He sang the chorus once then got embarrassed. It was pretty cute!
So with all that singing and dancing, we didn't end up leaving the party until midnight and the kiddos were still going strong! However, our night was about to get even more interesting. Earlier in the day the power company had left us a message saying that there would be a scheduled power outage from midnight to 2 am. No big deal, right? That's the middle of the night, who really needs power? Well, we pulled in our dark neighborhood and driveway around 12:30. Then the reality of our situation hit us. Without power, our garage door wouldn't open. Neither of us had brought our house keys. We both use our garage door openers to get in the house (no need to tell us how silly that is, we learned our lesson). So we thought we had about another hour and a half until the power would be back on. We drove around for a little while, then we parked in the driveway and tried to take a nap. The kiddos had fallen asleep on the way home. But, after we parked in the driveway and the car wasn't moving they both woke up. We used Hubs cellphone as a flashlight and walked to the back door and tried to break in with no luck. The kiddos thought this was all rather amusing! Finally, we laid the seats down in the Pilot and layed down, but no one went to sleep. It was 3:30 am before the power came back on and we got in the house!! We all hit our beds hard, but then got right back up for church because 2 of our friends were being baptized. Needless to say, we all took great Sunday afternoon naps :)