Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blame It On The Rain

We have had rainy yucky weather the last few days. The kiddos and I have spent our indoor time cleaning, getting haircuts, and playing with friends. Speaking of haircuts, can you believe I let C talk me into that? He has been talking about a "buzzcut" for almost a month now. I don't even think he knows what that is, but he said he wanted shorter hair for kindergarten. The irony is that in his attempt to get a big boy kindergarten haircut, he actually looks just like he did when he was 14 months old. His little face looks just the same with the spikey crazy hair. All of my pictures from that age are scrapbooked or on a cd somewhere or I would show you a comparison. I'll dig one up in the next few days. So as much as I miss his long hair, I do like looking at him and seeing my little toddler looking back at me :)

Yesterday while we were cleaning, AP decided that she needed her picture taken. You can tell that my kiddos are used to having the mommy paparazzi around. AP would strike a pose and say "like this". Then she would strike another pose and say "now like this". Maybe I have a future model on my hands?? Here are her chosen poses.

Today we met some friends at a local church that has an indoor playplace. We played for about three hours before we headed home.

While the kiddos were playing, I organized my mid-week shopping plan of attack. I am happy to report that tonight at Publix I saved 47 dollars between the coupons and the bogof offers. I only spent 39, so I saved more than I spent! Maria sent me a HUGE envelope full of coupons and I was able to use a lot of them today. Thanks, Maria!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flipping Fun

We had fun flipping with our friends at My Gym today. So much fun that we all came home and napped for three hours!!

I Heart Faces- Beach Theme

This is my first entry into the I Heart Faces Photo Contests! The theme this week is The Beach. This is one of my favorite beach pics. There are a few of C jumping the waves that I love, but they don't meet criteria for the contest because you can't see his face. It will be fun to go through and look at all the other entries. Click on the I Heart Faces button to got to their site.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Put the Lime in the Coconut

Saturday was my sister's big luau bash/baby shower. In all honesty, it was more of a party than a baby shower. But it was fun and my sister got lots of great gifts for the baby boy on the way.

Remember the leftover paper from the invitations? I loved the suggestions that I got on how to make use of it at the shower. I decided to make a banner that included little T's sonogram.

Here are the girly cousins ready to luau!

And my two little limbo dancers. C told me that he won the limbo contest. I didn't see it happen, but I am taking his word for it:)

The expectant mom and dad. They played along well with the luau outfits!

My sis and I

Nanna and my niece, the future big sister

I love this picture of my mom and my aunt!

C and Daddy learned a new game- Bocce Ball. C won a few times! You can tell by the look on his face that he is taking it very seriously.

Now all we need is for the little coconut to make his grand entrance into the world. He should be here in the next 3 weeks!

Don't Worry It's Not Spiked

This was a test post to see if I could figure out how to post large pictures. It appears that I can! This is C enjoying a pina colada slushie at my sister's baby shower luau. More on the luau to come!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sneak Peek

Thursday the fam headed north to go stay at Nanna's house. My kiddos could not have been any happier while we were getting ready to go to Ohio. C said "I always have fun with Nanna!" We made it to Nanna's driveway by about 10:30 Thursday night. We spent a lot of the day Friday getting ready for my sister's big baby shower luau. The highlight of the day was getting to go with my sister to her ultrasound appointment. Here are my sis and her husband after sneaking a peek at Baby T.

A here's the sneak peek! What a profile!

After my sister's appointment we all got ready and went to the Blue Goose Cafe in the little town square near Nanna's house. Here are the girlie cousins playing around while we waited to eat.

I love this little girl! (and she loves her Aunt Sissy, too!)

Just as we finished dinner a parade was going by the restaurant kicking off a little town festival that was going on. The parade was actually a caravan of very loud fire engines, but 2 of the 3 kiddos really liked it. C was super excited about the motorcycles!

We walked from our parade spot to the park where the festival was being held. C played laser tag for the first time! They had an inflatable that you could enter and play laser tag in the dark with two other players. C really liked it! I was a little worried because his 2 opponents were a little older than him and a little bit tougher than him and they knew each other. For some reason, the momma bear in me felt like they were going to gang up on him or corner him. My aunt snuck in a little back door and told the boys to spread out :) Here he is coming out after he played. All smiles as always!

And it cracked him up to dunk someone in the dunking booth!
And guess what all 3 kiddos won???? Lovely goldfish. Actually, the festival workers cheated for AP and helped her win. Then C won 2 fish all by himself and he gave one to my niece. Unfortunately, the bad mommies did not run out and buy fish food and all 3 fish had gone to heaven by the time we got up Saturday morning :(

AP leaving the festival double-fisted- popcorn in one hand and her fish in the other. She would not let anyone help her carry them!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bathrobe Baby

AP has had the same little bathrobe for over 2 years now, truth be told it was her brother's before it was hers. I snapped a pic this morning that reminded me of a picture I had taken of her in it several years ago. The first picture is from September of 07. My has she grown! And maybe it's time for a new bathrobe :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


AP's prayer at dinner tonight:

"God our Father, God our Father. Again. Amen. Eat."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Friends, Free Movies, and Fountains

Today we continued our summer Tuesday tradition of free movies, picnicking, and playing in the fountains with friends. The movie this week was MUCH better than last week. We saw Space Chimps and C really liked it. Then we set up our little picnic area and chowed down.

Shortly after we finished our lunch several of our friends came to join us.

I mentioned the relationship between C and his "wife" last week. I don't really encourage the wife talk, but it is amazing to me how much these two connect. They can play in their own imaginary world together for hours. I am excited that they will be in school together in a few weeks. Here they are discussing life.

AP and her friend had fun rolling each other up in this blanket like burritos :)

After our splash time we walked to the ice cream store again for a treat. How sweet are they???