Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Party and Party on Halloween

Thursday was C's Halloween party at school. I manned the relays outside, so that's what most of my pictures were of :)

C's teacher was dressed as a witch as she read the kids a spooooky story!
Thursday night C had a baseball game then came home with a fever! Thankfully, it was just a low grade fever that lasted less than 24 hours. So he was ready to go for Halloween! He told me that Transformers don't get fevers :)

We stopped by to see the newlyweds (my cousin and his wife). Don't they make a great Batman and Robin?? They were Raggedy Ann and Andy last year.
Then we headed to a little Halloween party with friends from church. Being the mean parents that we are, we made the kiddos sit down and eat dinner before we could Trick or Treat.

AP the chicken with her friends, Dora and ladybug.

C with his G.I. Joe friend ready to hit the streets!

Hubs and I got a good laugh out of watching AP run in her chicken costume. It was too cute! We also talked about how we are glad that our kiddos still get to experience old school trick or treating. What they don't know is that mommy and daddy are eating their candy while they sleep!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Birds of a feather

Tonight at church the kiddos were encouraged to wear animal costumes. AP is wearing C's chicken from 3 years ago and C is wearing his homemade owl from 2 years ago. We are all about recycling costumes!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Fun, Friends, and First Field Trip

Sunday night our small group at church got together for a little fall fun. The kiddos wore their Indian costumes from C's birthday adventure weekend. They have other Halloween costumes, too, but we were excited to get a little more wear out of their cute Indian ones.

This little lion looks like he is waiting for Dorothy to show him the way!

AP had just heard an ambulance go by and was making an "Oh No!" face.

The costumes didn't last very long. The kiddos soon threw them off to go run and wrestle with their friends. We played several games and the kiddos each got to go on a 4 wheeler ride. This next pic was the pumpkin toss. C didn't really get the "you are out if you drop it" concept. He just kept dropping and tossing :)

AP and her friend getting ready for the broom stick race.

The brother and sister team beat them by more than a broomstick, though!

Three witchy mommas ;)

Then Monday morning I went with C's class on his very first field trip! This was also his first time to ride a school bus, too. I thought he would be really excited about that, but it seemed to be a non-event for him.

We went to a different pumpkin patch than I had taken the kiddos to last week. The first thing we did when we got there was take a hayride out to the actual pumpkin patch. Some of these pumpkins were still attached to their vines. C found just the right pumpkin.

C's class with his teacher.

C loved feeding the goats! It looks like the goat is smiling about it too :)

C got lost in the haybale maze. I really don't like corn mazes or haybale mazes!

All of the kiddos got a little scoop of Blue Bell ice cream. Yum. We might have to go back so mommy can have some :)

And this is a sneak peek at the crazy project we decided to take on last night!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's a Weenie Roasting Weekend

Yesterday I had my second ever "With Sugar On Top" booth. This time it was at C's school carnival. The results were about the same. I sold one thing. My friends that sell bows did really well. So, I either need to rethink my venues, my product, or throw in the towel :) It was still fun, though. I forgot my camera, so there are no pictures to share. I also need to give a shout out to my uncle. Each time I have had a booth, he gets up early, drives to my house, loads my display boards that he made into his car, follows me to wherever the show is, and sets it all up! Do I have an awesome uncle or what?

After a quick nap, we headed out last night to one of C's friends birthday party/weenie roast. It was the perfect chilly fall night. We roasted our hotdogs over the fire, made smores, and went on a hayride. The kiddos loved it. AP asked if we could go on 6 hayrides!

Tonight we are going to another weenie roast with our small group. I have sort of hit my hot dog limit, especially since we had them for lunch yesterday too at C's school carnival!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm a Messy Mikshake Maker

Yesterday was the 50th day of school and C's class celebrated with a 50's party. Thursdays are also my day to help out in C's class so I got to be there for the party! My job was to make the milkshakes. Man am I messy! I had ice cream everywhere and got chocolate syrup all over my pants. I don't know what my deal was. It was worth it to hear all the kiddos say how "awesome" the milkshakes were :)

Another funny thing from my day with the kindergartners was that one of C's classmates was talking to me at lunch about her friend on her cheerleading team. She said it was real "serious" because her friend has the "nine nine one one flu"! Too cute.

Today was AP's very first Picture Day! She goes to MDO one day a week and I never even thought about them having school and class pictures, but they do. AP did not want to wear the dress I chose for her so she chose this outfit. It turned out pretty cute. Check out her sassy pose.

I'm not sure how cute the pictures will be, though, because she was not into smiling when we got there. The photographer was pulling out all his tricks, like pretending to sneeze, dropping a ball, throwing a bear, etc. The thing is, that does not amuse AP. It really is like she is a teenager trapped in a 3 year old's body. The other little kids were cracking up when he would accidentally drop his ball. AP was looking at him like he was crazy!

And, last but not least, we got our flower clips from Sugarplum Boutique! These are made with Kyrgyz felt and all the proceeds go to benefit orphans. Check out her site!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Family Project?

Last night C had what was supposed to be the last game of the fall baseball season, but we still have four rainout games left to make up. I have mentioned on here before that this coach lives and breathes baseball. He is super serious and lacks a little in the friendliness department. Just for example, during one of the hot weeks of practice, C wore shorts to practice. When he walked on the field, the coach yelled "C, you ever heard of pants?" This was in front of everybody. Luckily, the sarcasm was lost on C and it went in one ear and out the other. Anyway, all that to say that there is no such thing as a "game ball" on this coach's team. Other teams in our league do it, but not ours. However, one of the assistant coaches took C aside after the game last night and handed him this ball and whispered to him that it was the game ball. C was so excited!!! See it doesn't take much to get these little guys excited an I'm glad that there are coaches out there who realize that.
On to the "family pumpkin project". Somehow, the family project turned into a mommy project. We were given the assignment to decorate this pumpkin any way that we wanted to as long as we had fun and did it as a family. I threw out several ideas to C and he turned them down. Today he came up with the idea of gluing goldfish and Cocoa Puffs. I thought that was a great idea. So I got out the glue gun and C helped me lay a few fish out. Then as I added a drop of glue, he placed the fish on. Twice. Then he was done. He disappeared. When I went to his room he said he was tired and needed a nap. So Mommy finished the "family project". I think it turned out pretty cute myself.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend of Wedding Bliss

It was a jam-packed weekend full of wedding fun! We started Friday night with the rehearsal and dinner. AP was pumped about being the flower girl, so I was actually surprised when she came screaming down the aisle during the practice. And I mean screaming. There was no real reason, but once AP starts screaming, it' not that easy to quiet her or change her mind. We decided at that point to let her walk with her brother rather than with the other flower girl and hoped that would do the trick. C, of course, did exactly what he was supposed to do with a smile on his face! AP with the soon-to-be-bride The rehearsal dinner was at a new restaurant at a local marina. Aside from it being freezing, it was a really nice place. The kiddos liked having their own table and doing their own thing. I think all the kiddos there had M&M's for dinner instead of the served entree :)

Me and Nanna, my mom
My sis and Baby T

The cutest niece around

AP getting "lip" aka lipstick from one of the bridesmaids on the big day! She loved getting ready with the big girls. The bridesmaids luncheon was right before the pictures on the day of the wedding so AP was with the big girls all day. I kept using the fact that she was such a big girl to try to convince her that she was not going to scream this time as she went down the aisle.

Both kiddos played their parts perfectly! I was a nervous wreck after I walked down the aisle and was standing in front of the church waiting for C and AP to come through the door. I know sometimes it is expected or funny for the little ones to act up, but when AP acts up she REALLY acts up and I would have felt so bad. After she made it to the front she did fine until the bride made it to the front then she wanted to go stand with her. When I whispered to her that she couldn't then she started to fuss. At that point, I just pointed to Boompa and she ran to him. The rest was a breeze! Well, for the most part. C and the other little ring bearer went to sit on the front row during the vows and ceremony. Several times Hubs had to sneak over and pinch C's leg because the boys were playing "I Spy" really loud and you could hear them talking :) I have to admit I was relieved when it was over and time to party :)

Here is C trying to reach the groom's shoulders in the conga line (is that what you call it?) around the room.
AP and S danced the night away. Really. They were both still dancing at midnight! So was C. His signature move was the running man over and over.

C did take a break to dance with his mommy :)

It was a beautiful, fun, and lively event. The bride and groom are now relaxing on a beach far far away. I remember on my honeymoon how weird it was just to call each other husband and wife. I would just randomly say "hey husband" just to see how it sounded :) Hopefully they are doing silly things like that that they will laugh about later.