Thursday, April 29, 2010


Yesterday was Luau Day at AP's school. Luckily for her, her Baba had recently been to Hawaii and she had a new Hawaiian dress to wear :)

After taking AP to school, it was off to my day with the kindergartners in C's class. I am helping some of the other moms with a secret project for Teacher Appreciation week. This is a picture I took of C today to use in that project. You can see that he talked his hairdresser (and his mom) into a little mohawk :)

Then it was back to AP's school for her luau lunch.

Last night one of C's friend's had a baseball game so we stopped by to watch him play for a few innings. We couldn't leave the park without checking on the ducks first!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Couldn't you just eat her up?

We spent a few hours with our little friend Pretzel today. I couldn't resist taking her picture!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Birthday Weeks Come To A Close

With the kiddos' birthdays being 10 days apart it seems like we are celebrating birthdays around here for weeks, well..because we are! The last and final celebration was C's little treats for his classroom at school. C had seen a picture of cookies on a stick on the back of the funfetti cake mix. He asked that I make those and they didn't look too hard. So Friday after I took him to school I came home and started in on the cookie making. It's a good thing I got started early because that left me plenty of time to figure out that I was not very good at making cookies on a stick :) I resorted to Plan B, which was a cupcake cake in the shape of a baseball, and it was a hit (no pun intended!).
C's class got around him to sing a special birthday song and then they gave him a group hug!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Burrito Boy

Wednesday was C's actual birthday, although his party was last weekend. He came in our room that morning and said "You don't have to say "good morning" you can just skip straight to the "happy birthday"! He started out the day with a candle in his waffle. No one else was awake, so he got a solo b-day song from mommy.

After school, C helped me make ice cream cone cupcakes for his Sparks group at church.

Before church we met up with family at C's favorite Mexican restaurant. He told me earlier when we were discussing what he wanted to eat on his birthday that he could be referred to as "burrito boy" :)

Oh, the anticipation of the presents!

If you look closely you can see his present from mom and dad. This is a big step for us, our first video game system.

Uncle made C two racks to display his gameballs!

Time to sing and get ice cream on your nose :)

Uncle and Kathy got C a replacement trampoline for the one that he jumped to death. Burrito boy loves to jump!

We are almost birthdayed out! We have one last little celebration this afternoon in C's class. The cookies on a stick are in the oven right now.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Someday I'll Be Known As..

Someday I'll be known as the crazy aunt who makes everyone get together for pictures :) While my niece and nephew were here last weekend I made the cousins sit still for a few pictures. I LOVE the one with Nanna and all her grandbabies.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Busy Birthday Bees

After AP's princess bash Friday night we got up early Saturday and drug all of our out-of-town guests around town all day for C's baseball game, AP's soccer game, C's b-day party, and then Nanna's b-day party. It was a crazy busy day, but loads of fun!

The little girls were ready to watch C's game. I'm not sure they saw any of it, though. They mostly played in little T's stroller, changed their babies' diapers, and fought over crayons.
C got a hit at a crucial point in the game. He ended up getting out at first, but advanced the runner that ended up tying us up. It was so cute because after he went back to the dugout he said "I tore it up!". He ended up getting a gameball. You can see in the picture below that the coach is about to give it to him and if you look closely you can see that C is just giggling away :)After C's game we had about thirty minutes to run home and get ready for AP's game. I got a few cute action shots, but don't let them fool you. She was definitely not feeling soccer that day.Isn't she so pretty? Cousin S was there to cheer on AP. It won't be long until she can get out there, too.AP's team played one of her good friend's team. He is the star of their team. Despite our pleas for him to go easy on us, he kept scoring goal after goal after goal. He just might be the next David Beckham.After AP's game we again rushed home, added layers of clothes, and headed downtown to C's ice skating party. C's actual birthday is tomorrow. He will be SEVEN! He chose an ice hockey cake since we would be ice skating.AP lasted about ten minutes on the ice, she can't quite balance yet. Daddy is not too steady himself, so they went down together :)C's party guests got a short lesson on tying their skates.Then they got a short lesson on the ice. They were practicing the right way to fall.C really got the hang of it after a while. He and Daddy still took a few tumbles together!Time to blow out the candles!C and K were loving on each other quite a bit...After C's party, we took our bruised up selves straight to my aunt and uncle's house for my mom's birthday party. The story behind this doll is that my uncle went to an auction and apparently the lady who had owned the house also collected dolls. My uncle paid $11 for a literal truck bed full of dolls! He thought this one looked my mom :) More on the freakiness of some of those dolls later.My mom and her sister at the end of our jam-packed day!