Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Attempt at Wreath Making

It was actually a lot of fun! The kids both helped and love seeing it hanging on the front door :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fabulous First Day of Fall

This poor blog has been neglected! It's not because we haven't been busy, though. Since my last post, we have celebrated 5 birthdays, had family pictures made, had baseball pictures made, had 2 or 3 baseball games, had Mickey/Minnie Day at school, and spent time playing at the park. And I didn't take a single picture!

I made up for it today by taking lots of pictures of the kiddos playing with their friends in our yard on this first official day of fall! I know there are quite a few of little E, but girlfriend was loving the trampoline and it was too darn cute to pass up!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crazy hair

Tonight was Crazy Hair night in the Awana Clubs at our church. AP's idea was to "put 10 bows in my hair." And she did! She not only looked crazy, but pretty darn cute, too :)

C had a very specific request that involved orange hairspray and a Power T. I think my T turned out pretty good!
a little lightening on the sideI was slightly panicked after spraying C's hair because we have a family portrait session tomorrow! It actually wouldn't bother me too much if he had his picture made with orange hair, it would add character :) It ended up being a non-issue, though, because it washed right out!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let The Sun Shine In

I have been struck by the beauty of the sun today!
This morning it was so bright that we were nearly blinded as we came out of the house to go to school.

Then this afternoon, the rays coming through the trees as the sun was sinking were stunning as well. Of course, my little sunshines are pretty amazing, too!The Braves smoked the White Sox tonight! C is playing catcher for the first time this season and is really starting to get the hang of it. He is hitting the ball much more consistently, too! Quite the little baller ;)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Nine Eleven

We taught our kiddos for the first time this year what happened on Sept 11. We watched the memorial service together. C was intrigued by the fountains that flow where the twin towers stood. He wants to go see them in person. He had questions about why someone would want to do something like that. Hard to explain. AP just kept saying "that's so sad." They were proud to wear their red, white, and blue to church yesterday morning.
It's hard to believe it's been 10 years. I can remember, like most people, exactly what I was doing. I was a newlywed. I was driving into work, which consisted of about a 5 minute commute, and listening to 107.5 on the radio. They interrupted a song to break the news of the first plane. I thought it was a joke. By the time I got onto the unit of the hospital that I worked in, my coworkers were all gathered around the tv as we watched the rest of the day's news unfold.
It's sad that terrorism even exists. That I have to explain that to my kids. That they will one day have to worry about it themselves and explain it to their kids. Maybe I'm an idealist, flower child, or hippie at heart, but can't we all just get along? Maybe give peace a chance.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All About Me

AP just finished her first kindergarten project.

Girlfriend LOVES to do homework.

After we finished making her "All About Me" book she begged to finish her homework for the entire week. I hope she continues to love her homework this much!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Inspired by the weather

Although I am not ready to give up the summer, and I can't fully enjoy the crisp air and sweatshirts that fall brings because I know that means winter is right around the corner, I still love fall scents, fall decorations, and anything made with pumpkin!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Little Rain, A Big Win

Saturday we headed east to see the Vols kick off their season. We have season tickets again this year and I think these may be the best season ticket seats we've had so far.

It was super hot when we first got there. So hot that we actually saw several people need an ambulance due to heat exhaustion. But, right after we got settled into our seats we noticed that the sky was looking pretty spooky. The wind was picking up and the temperature dropped about 15 degrees.Then they evacuated the lower tier of the stadium and we ran for cover. The man that was standing in front of me (and shielding me from the sideways sheets of rain!) said that he has had his seats for 16 years and he's never been asked to leave his seat due to weather before!

The rain and lightening caused about an hour and a half delay. They were showing the radar on the jumbotron.

But after the delay, it was football time in Tennessee!

The Vols ended up beating Montana by around 30 points, I can't remember exactly and I could look it up, but it's really not that important :) We look forward to more weekend road trips to Knoxville this fall!