Friday, March 30, 2007

Baby Pile

There's nothing cuter than a pile of clean babies. This was our bathtime this morning. Also, our Pearl has learned to pull up on things and is never sitting still for more than a few seconds.
Her favorite thing to head for is the stairs.
I must say she is mischevious :)


Brad and Rachel said...

That's so cute!

Jackie said...

Mom to 2 angels...your girls are beautiful. I'm a member of the yahoo Kyrg forum, too...waiting for my referral. I know you are just home recently...may I ask how old your new daughter is? She is precious. Enjoy and congrats. Jackie

Mom to 2 Angels said...

AP will be 1 on 4/11 !

Nate and Amanda said...

Great Blog! Thanks for the link - now I have another blog to check regularly. I too am addicted to blogging. Your girls are adorable! Did you say the youngest is 11 mo?
Amanda (new to yahoo group)

Deanna Williams said...

Good Morning
It is snowing in Sharonville, Ohio.

I need more pics of the cutest kids in the world

Nanna loves you!!

RoadDog said...

Second shot at this. Good blog.

We're planning on being out your way near the end of this month, probably between the 23rd and 25th. Like to see both the new and the old one.

Perhaps you can show me how to set one up and post pictures. I'm just a bit too old for this sort of stuff.

Unc' Don