Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Marvelous Meet

This past Saturday was AP's 2nd gymnastics meet. I think it was called the Muletown Classic, or something like that. We had much better seats than at her last meet, so I was able to get a few more pictures.

Here the team is just stretching and chatting before things got started.

Their first event was the vault. That's Ms Tonie telling them they each get to do 2 vaults.
And that's AP's finish to her vault!Next they rotated to bars. Here AP is warming up.

Now saluting the judges before she starts her bar routine.She did great on bars! Next was beam. It was on the opposite side of the gym so there are no pictures. The last event was their floor routine.
Here is AP waiting to be called by the judges.

And she's all done!
They had some free dance time and a headstand contest while the judges tallied the scores.AP did great! She got 1st in vault, 1st in bars, 2nd on floor, 5th on beam, and 1st overall!

Here she is with her good friend. They got split into different age groups for the competition because there were so many girls there. And they both got first overall in their groups!!

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