Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Late Memorial Day

We had a great long weekend. We started out by working on our latest addition (no, it's not another baby). Pics of that to come when it is finished. We got a lot of work done outside, not so much done inside.

Yesterday we went to party at Boompa and Baba's to celebrate Memorial Day ~ thank you soldiers present and past ~ and to celebrate the third birthday of this little princess...
The kids there had fun in a little splash pool and running around pretending to be unicorns with the party hats on their forehaeds like horns. C said that a unicorn says "honk, honk". Who knew?


Tapsalteerie said...

Looks like everyone had a grand time! I think every kid plays the unicorn thing with party hats... except in my family we'd put on two and play bullfights... yeah we're weird!

RoadDog said...

Is the new addition you're building a boat? Andy is REALLY good at driving boats.