Monday, May 14, 2007

Go, Diego...and the rest of our weekend

Friday night the boys had a great time at Go, Diego, Go. Thankfully, A just dropped us off there and came back to get us b/c it was pouring down rain and we would have all three been wet if I had tried to find parking downtown and walk with them to TPAC. The boys were dancing, singing, and roaring the whole time. And in case you are wondering, Diego was able to rescue Baby Jaguar's growl from the bobos so that they could celbrate the animal carnival and they all lived happily ever after. Don't worry these are not really jaguars....
Then, I guess Friday night would be considered C's first "sleepover". It was so much fun listening to them talk on the baby monitor while they were supposed to be going to sleep. They decided they wanted to sleep together in C's floor, so we took the futon mattress out of the office and made a big floor bed.
This is little sister already caught in the act annoying her brother and his friends. She wanted to be in their bed with them. It wasn't so cute to hear them giggling on the monitor at 5:30 am!

We had a great Mother's Day. After church we went to the lake with Baba and Boompa. It was AP's first boat ride. She couldn't have cared less, but she did not like the life jacket. The weather was beautiful.
Then we went to aunt and uncle's for a cookout. It made for one long day and 2 tired kiddos.

Today we spent the morning at the park. We had G with us and I got some really cute pics.

As far as AP's finger, the pediatrician looked at it on Friday and said he thought it looked good...I'm glad he thinks so. We are just to rebandage it every other day. He put a nice finger splint and wrapped it up in this hot pink stretchy stuff. It was actually kind of cute, but it only lasted 4 hours! She had managed to start unwrapping it already. So we wrapped paper tape around the outside of it. Then when we unwrapped everything on Saturday, we found out that she must be allergic to the pink stretchy stuff! She had blisters all around her little wrist and hand. You can't win for losing sometimes.


Jackie said...

Your kiddos are so cute. I'm glad to see that APs finger is doing good. She is adorable. It's such a small world with these kids from Kyrg. I love seeing them all finding homes and I feel like all the families and the kids are so familiar since the Kyrg program is still small and new and since so many families seem to bump into kids being adopted by others still waiting to bring them home. (that was a long sentence ;)

Tapsalteerie said...

Glad to hear that her finger is healing... although ouch about the blisters!


lara said...

a belated happy mothers day, and i love your pics they are great!!