Monday, August 13, 2007

Our Little Cougar

Today was C's first day of Pre-K at my alma mater (1st-12th). Can I just say it was mass chaos? Hubby and I both went, but we took separate cars. It was a nightmare to find parking as every other parent was trying to do the same and walk their kiddos in for the first day of school. C was excited though, maybe too excited and a little overwhelmed. He kind of zoned out when I was trying to show him where the potty was. He was just staring at the other kiddos and all the toys. His teacher is my friend's mom and C knows her well so that helped ease him right in. He looked like such a big boy going in the door with his big backpack. Here are a few pics from the big day...
So excited to get up this morning
Going in the doors with his big backpack...not too sure
Getting a hug from his teacher
A happy, dirty face at the end of the day
Getting clean for another big day


lara said...

great to catch up on all your news, how grown up C looks going off to school. Ap looking as cute as ever in the garden , lovely photos.

Tapsalteerie said...

C looks so much more grown up since we saw him at the beach and that's not even been all that long ago!!

Glad to see that he did well on his first day!

A Pawn In This Game Called Life said...

Love the goggles! You go C!