Monday, October 15, 2007

We're back

The kiddos and I made it back from Ohio yesterday. We were there for my little sister's baby shower. The shower went well. It was in a little lodge on a cute fishing lake there. The baby that is soon to make it's debut will have more clothes than there are days to wear them. I guess it's too hard to resist the cute baby girl clothes. I, of course, left the battery to my camera in Tn so I had to buy a disposable one and I don't have the pics back yet.

On another note, AP hit the 18 month mark last Thursday. We need to get her check-up scheduled to see how much she has grown. I know that we stopped to get her new dress shoes this weekend and she had skipped a size, so I know her foot is growing! I also need to make an appt for 18 month pictures. I stumbled upon another blog and saw a post about a network of photographers that celebrate adoption. There are 2 in our area that offer free session fees and special deals if you have adopted in the last year. I've got to check it out.

Not much else going on here, pics coming soon...

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