Sunday, February 17, 2008

Not Just An Illusion

We went to see a Christian illusionist at church tonight. It was actually really cool. He even explained most of his tricks b/c he was big on us knowing that these things are just that...illusions, and that there is no real magic. A lot of his illusions incoprporated Biblical principles. We brought C in for the illusions (there was childcare and C had dinner with his friends) and he was really into it. He got called on stage to help out with one illusion involving ropes. The illusionist asked C to stretch out the rope, I guess to prove that it was real. He went on to tell the audience a story and C interrupted and said "I'm tired" really loud, the whole audience laughed at him. Then at another point the illusionist said to C "I assume you always obey your parents". C was quiet then looked at me and said really loud "but I don't, Mom." Again everyone laughed. It was really cute and I wish I had had my camera or video recorder.

Tonight we started reading a Read Along Bible that the kiddo's paternal great grandmother gave them. I think it will be really neat to read a chapter a night until we have read the whole Bible.

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