Thursday, March 6, 2008

R and R with Gus

C and Gus rest in C's bed

C and Gus at a restaurant

C showing Gus his room

C and Gus going for a ride

Daddy reading a Bible story to C and Gus

C and gus shopping for raisins

C and Gus watching mommy cook rice

So here are a few of the pics that I included in our Gus book. The letter of the week that we were supposed to try to incorporate was R. I ended up finding a really cute half size (6X6)scrapbook at the Dollar Tree for $1! It has turned out great.

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Maria said...

SEE!!! You are a good mommy and did just what you were asked. :-) The photos are terribly cute and I know "Gus" had the best time with you all this week!