Sunday, September 26, 2010

BDP, Bike Day, and Buckets of Candy

Every other Thursday at our school is BDP, Blue Devil Pride. Everyone is encouraged to wear their Blue Devil gear. The high school football players come to the elementary classrooms and talk to the children about making good choices, doing your best, etc. They also get the kids pumped up about the upcoming game. This past week C and I had on matching outfits and I couldn't pass up a picture!
Thursday was also Bike Day at AP's school.

Friday was Homecoming for the Blue Devils. The kiddos and I met up with friends to watch the Homecoming parade. It was HOT and the parade started about 30 minutes late, but I'm sure the kiddos would say that the ton of candy they brought home was worth it :)
AP was dancing to the marching band.

We had quite a crowd of friends there!

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