Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Drive. Party. Then Drive Some More

Friday after school, we hit the road for eastern N Carolina to celebrate Hubs' grandmother's 80th birthday. It is about an 11 hour drive to get there, but we stopped halfway and arrived just a few hours before the big party on Saturday.
The party was at her church. It is a beautiful old building. The kids and I wandered through the church and explored the courtyard.
We may have stopped to play in a few of the classrooms :)
The party was a grand affair. I think the last count was 190 friends in attendance! There were 3 large cakes, each had a different name that she has been called. Her nickname from the kids and grandkids is "Mud" :)

We were excited that the B cousins were there. This is adorable little B.
Here are all the cousins together, all smiling and looking at the camera, too!

Sunday morning we went to church with Hubs' parents, then to a local Mexican restaurant. I thought the boys were looking handsome in their different shades of blue.
After lunch we went to the park across the street. Yee Haw!

We took a ride on the famous Kiwanis train. Hubs' dad grew up riding this train, then Hubs rode it, and now our kiddos get to ride it.

That night we hung out with all the family that had come in town to celebrate. Uncle D was there from Chicago.

The 22+ hours in the car were worth getting to celebrate this milestone with Mud and spending time with family! We made it home last night and are trying to get back in the swing today. Good thing this is a short week at school :)

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