Sunday, November 28, 2010

She Said Yes

My sister and family arrived in town the night before Thanksgiving. It's been a while since they have been to TN. Last time this little guy was here he was barely crawling!
On Thanksgiving morning we had a big family breakfast at our house. As I was cooking, you can see what Hubs was doing! Mapping out our shopping route for Black Friday :)
My cousin's birthday also fell on Thanksgiving Day this year. Here is my aunt giving him his cake as we all sing to him. Doesn't he look excited?After my cousin left our house he went to his girlfriend's house and proposed! Here is my aunt hugging him one last time before he is an engaged man. He has the ring in his hand.
...and she said yes :)

Believe it or not, I took no pictures the rest of the day. I was too busy cooking, eating, playing cards, laughing, NOT sleeping, and shopping! We had a huge dinner at my aunt and uncle's house. We all spent the night there and stayed up until Friday morning! There were 13 people and 5 dogs at the sleepover. I did get up and go shopping, but not as early as I intended to because I discovered around midnight that you could get the same sale prices that people would be fighting over if you ordered online. And on amazon, there was no tax and no shipping! Much easier! I crossed all but one thing off my list from the convenience of my keyboard, then went to sleep :)

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Shannon said...

what omg!! Yea Justin!!! COngratulations!!!!