Monday, November 22, 2010

Slumber Party... Aka Momma Stayed Up Too Late

Friday night after the monkey party the kiddos and I went to their first official sleepover. It counts if mommy sleeps over, too, right?

Our friends hosted a sleepover for all of the little friends of the family that is moving away next month. You know, C's little girlfriend and her little brother. As soon as we walked in C's friend ran up to him yelling "yay, C's here!" I really am so sad that he's going to lose that connection with such a good friend :(

Anyway, the sleepover itself was so much fun there was no time to be sad. J and N's mom had made a video slide show of all the kiddos growing up over the last 4 or so years that they have all been friends. Here are all the kiddos having fun finding themselves in the pictures.and this is how C and J were watching it :)After the slide show we started scrapbooking. Their mom had brought prints of all the pictures from the slide show and each kiddo made 2 scrapbook pages of the pictures that they were in. Here is AP showing off a page of pictures with her and N. I talk alot about C and his little girlfriend, but AP has a special relationship with N, too.

Here is C showing his finished product.

and the mommas finishing up.

The book turned out really cute. I'm sure J and N will love having that keepsake to look back on.
Some of our friends left that night so we tried to get a group picture. Here they are showing their true personalities!

Time to wind down... yeah, right!
The kiddos ended up crashing a little before midnight. But, the mommas were enjoying our conversation and card game so much that it was close to 3 before we went to bed. Here is a pic at around 2:30 am after we finished our Nertz game!

I think I fell asleep around 3:30, then these 2 rascals were up at 6:30!

I had to snap a pic of J and her mom sharing a sleeping bag and trying to wake up.

We had so much fun.
The kiddos all made special memories I am sure. But, we don't want to think too much about the reason we were all there because that will make us sad!


Shannon said...

That was such a great idea for you guys! J and C are so sweet!!

Jamie said...

Crying just reading it. Sweet post.