Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Science on a Snow Day

We were covered again yesterday in snow! We used our last official snow day of the school year, but I don't think it's the last of the snow.

It was a stay-in-our pj's kind of day, but we were very productive! This family puzzle time equaled one checked off elective in C's Tiger Cub book.
Then we decided to do an experiment from a Science Experiment Kit that C got for Christmas. The name of the experiment was Rock and Dissolve. The question posed was "Can something as soft as water dissolve something as hard as a rock?"

C labelled our 3 liquids and filled the glasses.

Then he put a piece of chalk in each glass.

Observe and observe some more.

Check out how the vinegar immediately ate away at the chalk.

The end result was that the lemon juice and the vinegar can dissolve chalk, but plain old water cannot. It's the acid in the other two that do the dissolving.

After science time, we worked a little on our Valentines.

Now it's time to come up with a few more keep 'em busy ideas because I seriously doubt we will be going to school tomorrow. We dismissed 2 hours early today and the roads are covered in white again!


RoadDog said...

Hey, snow days are supposed to be for F-U-N!!!

None of that crummy school work!!

Shannon said...

looks like vinegar is more harmful than we thought, lol!!!!