Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coastal Cousins

Hubs sister, Aunt H, and family live about 3 hours from where we are spending Spring Break. Sunday they drove over for the afternoon. We love cousin time, especially cousin time on the beach!
We tried to convince the boys that the water was really too cold, but, unfortunately, they had to determine that for themselves. This picture is when C first waded into the water. You can see the chills!

But, that didn't stop our little surfer :)Maybe our moms were right!!! They say as their teeth are chattering :)AP and middle B (their cousins are 3 boys all starting with B) are the same age. It's hard to believe they will both be going to kindergarten this fall!Hubs and Aunt HMost of our day was spent trying to build their own jacuzzi on the beach. It was a team effort!Picnic lunch on the beachAfter everyone showered and de-sanded we took a walk over to the sound side of the little island.Here is our one last attempt at a group shot. At least they are all facing the right way! We enjoyed our day with the B boys and Aunt H, wished we lived closer so we could play all the time!!

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RoadDog said...

Are there any of those "lima bean" stones on the beach? There weren't the last time I was there.