Friday, March 11, 2011

They Need Food

Remember back in this post, when I shared that we spent some time meeting and listening to the Wright family speak? Since then, they have returned to Kyrgyzstan to continue their work there. For anyone who hasn't been following along, this is the country where our baby girl was born.

The Wrights have returned to visit the very baby home that our pumpkin spent 9 months of her life in.
And they are out of food.
Breaks my heart. I know there are very sad stories of people going hungry all over this world ours, but we have a very real connection to this little baby home on the other side of the world.

If you want to read and see pictures, go to the Wrights blog.
There is also a link to donate. I know we will be.

I can tell you that any money donated goes straight to those hungry bellies. There are NO overhead or administrative fees taken out (other than what paypal and the banks take). The Wrights have a separate fundraiser each year to raise all of their personal funds needed for travel, lodging, food, etc for the entire year. That way any money donated for a specific need, goes directly to that need!

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