Monday, January 30, 2012

Sleepin Over

AP had been trying to coordinate a sleepover with her friend for months, so we finally found a time that worked for everyone and both kiddos got to have friends over :) They played sooo well together. My kiddos sure have been blessed with good friends.

For dinner Friday everyone made their own pizza.

After dinner, these two became Mr. Know-It-All and Mr. Gadget.
These 2 were fancy ladies and had a dance party. They were teaching me and Hubs the moves to the Cupid Shuffle :)

Everyone was up bright and early the next morning!
Who can sleep late when there are babies that need to be taken care of?
I loved that they were all touching toes while eating breakfast :)Fun times indeed. AP is already trying to coordinate her next sleepover!

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The Writer Chic said...

Aw! My favorite kiddos!