Monday, February 6, 2012

Country Music Hall of Fame

Last weekend on a rainy Saturday we decided to take advantage of free admission day at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville.

I was surprised at how into the history that the kiddos actually were. C read all the signs about the pieces that were there. AP asked lots of questions about what things were real and if people were still alive.

One cool thing that was going on that day was a demonstration of how Hatch Show Print, a famous maker of concert posters in Nashville, makes their posters.

Both kiddos got to make a poster using the press that they still use in their store.

I think my favorite part of the museum is seeing all the cool cowboy boots.

At one point, I let AP carry my camera around. I thought it was interesting that the 2 things she took pictures of were Taylor Swift's dress

and Zac Brown's crocheted beanie. Pretty funny. She has been asking if we can go to a ZB concert.

They also had a Musical Petting Zoo that afternoon, which meant that the kiddos got to take a shot at playing the instruments.
Here is C on the autoharp

and AP getting a dulcimer lesson.

They also played the triangle, guitar, mandolin, banjo, and violin. I asked the musician who was manning the guitar station if his ears were bleeding yet and he said they were! It was a really horrible sound when all the kiddos were playing loudly not quite the right way :)

The kiddos wanted to pose in front of their favorite Batman building on the way out. We had a fun afternoon learning more about our city and its history.

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