Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Flutter Shy

Last weekend, AP got to bring home the class pet, a hermit crab named Flutter Shy. My prayer from the moment AP got in the car with the crab was that we would not kill it over the weekend.

Well, about 30 minutes after we got home I find AP with the hermit crab under a stream of running water. The crab is on its back and the shell is filling up with water. I freaked! I knew for sure that Flutter was drowning. AP tried to convince me that they do that to the crab at school all the time. I sent a frantic message to her teacher to be sure, and AP was right. Apparently, hermit crabs like "baths". Tragedy averted.

I am happy to report that the crab made it back to school safe and sound Monday morning. It may be the cleanest crab ever since it got a "bath" every day.

And, just because, here is my riding partner on our 3 minute morning commute to take the kiddos to school.

He loves his morning rides!

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