Monday, April 9, 2012

Hoppy Easter

My kids can't keep their eyes open when a camera flashes to save their lives!
Here they are with their Easter baskets. The Easter bunny went practical on them and left their treats in storage bins that match their rooms :)

These boys were glad that the big bunny skipped the candy and stuffed animals and left a Smackdown wrestling ring instead!

It was a beautiful day. Nanna was here visiting and went to church with us. I enjoyed teaching our 2nd/3rd grade class about Easter and how the entire Bible beginning from Genesis points to Easter. I also made fruity pebble treats to share with our class, thanks to Pinterest :)
Pinterest was also the inspiration for the caramel apple trifle I made later in the day for our family dinner. I think I'll go have some leftover trifle now :)

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