Monday, April 2, 2012

Karate Kid Goes Gold

It's been almost 2 weeks ago, but C finally tested for his gold belt in karate! We weren't sure what to expect. And I think we held our breath the entire time. C had to count to 10 in Japanese, tie his belt correctly by himself (and believe me, this is not easy, we had to watch several youtube videos to figure this out), answer several questions about identifying parts of karate in Japanese, and then run his first kata.

And he passed!!

Then in his next class he had his belt ceremony and was presented with his gold belt.

Here he is taking off his white belt and folding it correctly to hand to her. He took forever to fold his belt!

Receiving the gold belt

and being presented to his class.

Now onto the hard stuff! Everybody down for push ups!

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RoadDog said...

Remind me not to mess too much with the kid next time I see him.