Friday, May 18, 2012

Kindergarten Not A Graduation

Last week AP's kindergarten class had a "picnic and program".  The school made it very clear that this was not a graduation.  The school's principal does not want the kindergarteners to think something is ending because they are just at the beginning of their road to learning.  But, this mom thinks the little K caps and gowns are super cute, and I doubt that because they wear one they will think that their road to learning has ended!  Hence, AP sporting a graduation cap on her shirt made by her mom :)  It's an accomplishment to have finished the first year of "real school" if you ask me!  They grow and change so much that year.
Anyway, back to the not a graduation program....

 I was there helping in the classroom that day because their teacher had just come back from having gall bladder removal surgery.  I snapped a few pics of the class warming up.
 AP is feeling it!
 I did manage to get a few pictures of AP doing the right moves during the program, but most of the time she stood with her arms crossed and watched like she was too cool for school.  That child!

Just a few more days and K and 2nd grade are over!  There is no special program to end 2nd grade, but C has been pretty much partying every day the last few weeks.  Homework ended over 2 weeks ago and I think they have seen at least 5 movies since then!

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