Thursday, June 7, 2012

Softball Camp

This week AP went to softball camp at the school I graduated from.  It was fun to see her take her little bat bag up to the field I played on and set up in the dugout that I spent 3 years in :)  The assistant coach from when I played is now the head coach and he ran the camp so it was fun to reminisce with him and watch him coach AP.

Mid-week we had a friend join us :)

C and I found ways to occupy ourselves during camp.  The weather was perfect, so a lot of the time we spent just hanging out there and watching the girls.
C snuck in a little nap on the bleachers :)

We did a little shopping one day and C found this cool map decal for his room.
On the way home one afternoon we had to come to a complete stop as these ducks were in no hurry and were taking up the entire street!
This was one of the coaches.  She and AP hit it off and became good friends :)
After the last session, we met friends at the park for a picnic.  There wasn't a whole lot of playing, though.  These kiddos are worn out!

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