Saturday, June 30, 2012

MB 12

This year we spent the first 4 days of our beach vacation in Myrtle Beach.  Hubs was there for a work conference, so of course we had to tag along! 

 Our first wave jump of the trip :)
 AP was cracking me up because every time she jumped a wave she did a full arm circle, kept her legs together, and pointed her toes.  She turned wave jumping into a gymnastic sport!

 Daddy had crab legs for the first time and loved them!

 Both kiddos made several friends while we were there.  The first night there was a girl who kept following C and wanting to do whatever he did.  They would go from pool to pool together and were talking non-stop.  Who knows what they were talking about!  Then the next night there was a kids event that the kiddos went to.  While they were there AP met Olivia and they were "best friends".  They even made BFF necklaces that they cut in half and each of them kept a half of it.  They met each other at the pool, at the beach, called each other's rooms, and even dropped by each other's rooms.  It was crazy how they were instantly friends and played the next 3 days together. (and crazy how many tears were shed when it was time to leave!)

We left MB and head to Topsail Island on Tuesday afternoon, but not until we made a stop at the Little Clinic as C had developed an inner and outer ear infection!

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