Friday, May 24, 2013

End of First Grade and Third Grade!

First Day of First Grade

Last Day of First Grade-
She looks so much more grown up!!

First and last day of 3rd grade!!
C decided to grow his hair out this year, that's the major difference I can see.  And I think the last remains of the baby face are gone :(

And a quick the-world-is-spinning-by-too-fast moment from yesterday.  I painted faces at the 3rd grade's End of The Year Fiesta.  So, as I was painting a little girls face she asked if I was C's mom.  I told her that I was and she proceeded to tell me that she has a crush on him and please don't tell him.  She said "I mean my heart flutters when I talk to him."  OMG!!!

First and last days of 1st and 3rd grades!  Actually, they are reversed, but blogger is very touchy and I'm not going to try to switch them :)

They both had a wonderful school year!  Both finished on the Honor Roll for the entire year!  They both had amazing teachers that we are going to miss very much.

Now bring on summer fun!!

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RoadDog said...

The 'lil ones are growing up!!!