Monday, June 18, 2007

Kiwanis Train

Yesterday, we went to church with hubby's parents, then took hid dad out to eat for Father's Day. After lunch we visited the little park that is directly across the street from their house. The kiddos got to ride on the train that is operated by the Kiwanis club here. The train has been running since the 50's. Hubbies dad said it is the same train cars that he rode in as a kid. C has loved riding it everytime we come for a visit. AP loved it. All the kids are told to scream in the tunnel and AP joined right in.

On the health front, C's fever is gone as of mid-day yesterday. The rash lingers, but is much better. Sat night C got absolutely no restful sleep due to the rash. He scratched non-stop. Last night was a 100% improvement.

We head to Topsail Island today.

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lara said...

glad to hear they are on the mend , hope you all have a wonderful time away.