Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Our Whirlwind Trip in Pictures

C looking at sunset on sound at Topsail Island

AP doing the crab crawl in Topsail

Little surfer dude

Hubby and AP jumping the waves

AP pointing at the waves with mommy

C had a little girlfriend in Topsail

AP bit into a lemon at Thorny's

AP attempting a cheeseburger on her own

C learning to hula at the luau in Myrtle Beach

All the Kyrg kiddos posing

AP and daddy at the luau

AP and mommy at the luau

Our Kyrg friends' oldest son..what a little cutie

Lounging on Myrtle Beach

AP and the facilitator from Kyrg

The 3 Kyrg families that were there

With our caseworker from CWA (if you zoom in you can see C's swollen lip :( )

Our Kyrg friends (minus C and 2 of their children)


A Pawn In This Game Called Life said...

It looks like you guys had fun at the Reunion! I wish we could have gone, but it just wasn't feasible with work and just now starting to get a paycheck again after being off for so long. It was good to see the photos of Galia and Anya! We'll shoot for next year!!!!


Tapsalteerie said...

Really great pics! I love the one of AP and the lemon! I have a similar one of Beckett! :)
I'll be posting pics soon (hopefully).

lara said...

great photos.

SCmartins said...

Wow! It looks like soo much fun! We loved looking at all the pictures. We had A & G at our house for dinner on Tues. evening and that was pretty awesome! I love the little crab crawl - that's exactly what Aliya does when she's in the grass!