Friday, June 22, 2007

Lazy River Lover

We made it to Myrtle Beach yesterday afternoon. We settled in and then went to dinner at Thorny's. Hubby enjoyed the ribs there. Today was the first day of Reunion festivities. We met 2 other Kyrg adoptive families at breakfast. We have also met 3 families whose children came from the Kuibyshev orphanage in Russia, which is where c is from. 2 of them would have been there at the same time as C. It was really nice to see the facilitator from Kyrg again. She was impressed with how big AP has gotten and all that she can do.
Tonight there was a luau. C enjoyed the dancing and watching the hula dancers. AP was mad at me most of the night b/c I wouldn't let her crawl right into the middle of the dance floor. I was afraid all the other dancing kiddos would step on her. However, I was back in her good graces when I introduced her to the Lazy River tonight. She loved it! I think we made at least 30 laps before hubby made us get out.

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