Saturday, November 24, 2007

Last Day in NC

Today is our last day in NC. We are biting the bullet and making the long drive home in one day. It will take about 11 hours (ugh!) If we left today we might miss part of the UT game on TV and the world would just not be right. We have enjoyed visiting with extended family the last week and a half, but I must say we are ready to be back in our own child-proof home and back on our schedules. You can only say "no" so many times. This morning AP was so excited that she found a cradle of "babies" at her great-grandmother's house, but those babies happened to be antique and not babies that she could play with, that's too hard for her to understand yet. "Baby" is her new favorite word since we were visiting with my sister's new baby last week. Yesterday we set out to find something for the kiddos to do and found a little family fun center. There was one of the big bouncy things there and C loved that. There was a zip cord in it and he had lots of fun pretending to be Diego. AP did her share of bouncing, too. Hubby and I took a few turns in the batting cages. It's been a while since either of us had swung a bat and we both have blisters today :(

There is a tree in hubby's grandmother's yard that is just the right size for tree climbing.

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