Wednesday, November 14, 2007

She's here! *new pic added*

The kiddos and I scrambled to get packed and get on the road yesterday after getting the call that my sister was in labor. We made it to the hospital in Ohio at about 9:45pm, then we waited....and waited...and waited. Then at 4:15am, my niece was born! I am officially an aunt. Everyone is healthy and happy, but tired. My trooper kiddos stayed up all night long at the hospital! They were so well behaved and C was so excited that Baby S was going to "grow big enough to come out of her belly." At one point when C and I went in the room before all the pushing started, my sister had her feet up on the bed with her knees bent up. The blanket was over her legs and C said "that baby is so tall". He thought the baby had been born and was standing up under there. It was too cute. He also thought the heart monitor was the baby snoring. I have lots of cute pics of the baby and lots of cute pics of my kiddos entertaining themselves while waiting for the baby, but my camera thingy doesn't work on my mom's computer, so this phone pic will have to do for now.

14 hours old


Jackie said...

Congratulations, Auntie ;)

Cyndi said...

She is beautiful. Congratulations to the family.

Shannon said...

Congratulations!! She is beautiful!!! I can't believe how much hair, I guess she can borrow little A's bows.