Thursday, November 1, 2007

Little Goblins

Ok, so I am supposed to be showing off my Halloween decorations for The 2007 Halloween edition of the Bloggy Parade of Homes, hosted by Shanny. However, I never got around to spooking up our house! So, these pics of the cutest little goblins will have to do. (Shanny, I promise I'll do better next time) The trick-or-treating wiped my kiddos out. They were so tired by 7:45 that they were actually asking to go to bed! I guess the long walk around the neighborhood wore them out...or they were crashing from their sugar highs :) We cut off candy eating at around 5pm.

C in action!

AP double-fisted :)
Uncle came over to pass out candy while we were out. Scary!

Then the kiddos decided to be scary, too!


Shannon said...

Since your little goblins are just too flippin adorable I'll give you a pass! =) I love their costumes and the pic of AP in her uncle's mask is a riot!

Jackie said...

Your goblins are too cute. Love the costumes!!

Shane & Marie said...

The kiddos look great in their costumes. And the scary mask on them both is too funny. Looks like they a had a great (and exhausting) halloween.

Gen & John said...

I love seeing pics of your children! Inspiration for me who can't always find her camera.