Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Absolutely Everything

AP has decided that she can do absolutely everything by herself. This includes, but is not limited to, dressing, feeding, bathing, walking up stairs, putting her jacket on, taking her jacket off, opening candy wrappers, using the telephone, getting in the car, buckling her seat belt, feeding the dog, washing her brother's hair, it goes on and on. In reality, she still needs a little bit of help, but boy does that make her furious! She has thrown herself down in the floor multiple times a day for the last week or so. So far, we are ignoring this. Here is our independent girl eating her yogurt at dinner tonight.

It may look like there is snot all over her face, but it is actually a banana yogurt/mac & cheese mixture!


Madelyn's Mommy said...

I love the last pic with the spoon sticking out of her mouth. Little ms. independent. :)


A Pawn In This Game Called Life said...

JJ's recently started the whole throwing his body on the floor thing. I've just let him lay there. Funny how they all go through the same stages!


Tapsalteerie said...

Beckett's doing the whole "no Mommy, I do it" thing too. He gets mad and squeals at me when I try to help him!