Monday, January 7, 2008

Potty Talk

AP is teaching Elmo how to use the potty. She also has stripped naked and done her business in the floor/in her bed twice recently. I'm thinking that these are signs that we should get the little potties out and start letting her try it out. This is just soooooooooooo much younger than C even showed an inkling of interest. Honestly, he still struggles with it at 4 1/2. Hmm...I am going to think hard on this one.


Tapsalteerie said...

Oh Beckett would love to go potty... he just can't work out the whole process just yet! It must be potty time as I think everybody's kids are wanting to try the potty :) Hope it turns out successfully :)

Jackie said...

I met a woman recently who told me both her kids were potty trained right after they started walking. One was a year old and the other under a year. Once they started walking, she brought them in the bathroom with her and put them on their potty.

It does sound like it's time to try and see what happens. Good luck and be sure to share any tips with me :)

Michelle said...

If she is showing interest go for it! I think girls train earlier than boys...probably because we are so much more evolutionarily advanced...haha. L had this video I bought her about using the potty chair that had all of these totally funny songs on it about using the potty. The theme was big kid vs was called Potty Power.