Friday, April 25, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day

Today has been a beautiful weather kind of day. We had our company "retreat" for the first part of the day. Nothing like hearing service award speeches in a barn for 2 hours! But even that didn't take away from the gorgeous weather. Here are a few pics of the kiddos in our backyard this afternoon:
This has been a crazy busy week for us. Monday was C's actual birthday. We had family over for pizza and blue/green cupcakes. I love this pic of AP watching for everyone to get here.
C requested blue cupcakes, but when you add blue to yellow cake mix you get greenish teal cupcakes. He liked them so that's all that matters :)
C got even more presents (we still haven't opened the presents from their party last Saturday!). Now that we have a room in our house that is a dedicated playroom, we seem to be attracting large toys. C got a pool table from aunt and uncle. He was so excited as they were unloading it from uncle's truck.I love this pic of AP and her Boompa. She is all about her Boompa.
AP loves to shoot a little pool herself :) Then Tuesday we had a soccer game. Hubs left to go out of town on Monday night, which left me to coach the game and keep up with AP! Thankfully, one of my coworkers volunteered to come help out and keep up with the pumpkin.

Tuesday and Wednesday night I helped my cousin out with a senior project into the early morning hours. I was super tired, but got this great picture for my dining room that I had been eyeing in return! I think it was well worth it.

Last night hubs and I went downtown to pick up our race numbers for the half marathon tomorrow! We had debated whether or not to still run b/c we have not had the time to get in the long runs that we need for training. But we decided to go ahead, even if we have to stop and walk some.

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Maria said...

Busy week!!! Love the teal cupcakes.