Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Real Men Paint Pink

We are now all officially moved into our new house! Are the boxes all unpacked? No. But, we are getting there. We are loving it. The kiddos have done great. They actually responded the opposite of what I had expected. C is our sensitive and, at times, anxious little guy. I really thought he would have a hard time with all of his stuff being out of order and sleeping in a different room. But, I was so wrong. He has done extremely well. He slept right through the first night. He told me the next morning that he had woken up in the middle of the night and thought the Titans helmet on the wall was a "pirate captain", but then he remembered what it was and went back to sleep! (His new room had Titans border up and he insisted on keeping it, he wants a "Titans room" now) Yesterday when I picked him up at school he asked if we were going straight home and I told him that we weren't b/c we had a few errands to run. He said "But I want to go home b/c my house is so cool." Too funny. AP, on the other hand, is our indepndent little spitfire. But, she has had a harder time with her new room. She slept in our room the first few nights b/c she refused to stay in her bed. She is doing much better now, though.

I didn't take very many pictures during the move, mainly b/c I was busy moving. But, here are a few. This is what AP's room looked like before we started painting. It had a sports wallpaper border in the middle (I'm not a wallpaper fan). But, thanks to the Paper Tiger it came right off! That's Baby G in the Pack N Play helping out. Her mom was such a big help with painting on Friday.
The kiddos with Baby G checking out what was going on outside the dining room window.And this is what AP's room looked like after a few coats of paint. Hubs jumped in to finish the trim. There is no way we could have painted, cleaned, and moved without the help of all our friends and family. We have the best friends in the world. Three of my girlfriends ended up helping me paint on Friday and we finished AP's room, Hubs office, and a hallway in about 8 hours! My friend D stayed until the wee hours of Saturday morning helping to clean, too! Thank God for Late Night Friends!


Maria said...

Are we all lucky to have friends help with the hard stuff -- that's the test of a true friend. Love the room colors!! AP's looks like the same shade of pink as Ellie's. Get some rest!!!

Madelyn's Mommy said...

Glad you got moved in and had alot of help! Good luck with the rest of the boxes.


Gen 's Family Story said...

wow, you're awesome!!! moving and blogging? guess who's up because of jet lag?

Tapsalteerie said...

I love pink rooms :) My bedroom was a similar shade of pink when we lived in the old house.

Sorry to hear that AP is having trouble readjusting, hopefully she'll settle in soon :)

Glad to hear that C's loving his new place!

Michelle Smiles said...

Congrats on restoring order so quickly! I hope my upcoming move is as smooth!