Monday, June 23, 2008

The Big Day

Saturday was the big wedding day. My sister spent the night with us at my mom's house. Mom cooked us a big breakfast then it was off to get our hair and make up done. My sister's hair was really cute. Neither of us liked our make up. We both went home and washed it off and started over. Mine looked like someone had punched me in the face, seriously. Then we made the drive to the winery in Indiana where the wedding was taking place. We were running late, so it was rush rush rush until the pictures started. As we were taking the first pictures we were trying to ignore, or really get my sister to ignore, the enormous dark clouds that were rolling in. At the start of the wedding it was still not raining. The entire bridal party walked down the aisle and just as the little flower girls were making their way down to the gazebo the bottom dropped out. It started pouring complete with thunder and lightening and everything. So we all ran inside and reassembled ourselves on the dance floor. My sister was upset that it had to be moved inside. She did get to make a grand entrance and looked just as beautiful as she would of outside. C did a perfect job protecting the rings. AP made it down the aisle twice! once outside and then again inside. During the ceremony, however, she wandered around between bridesmaids and even hugged the preacher's leg at one point! Oh well... The reception was so much fun that I don't think anyone cared by the end of the night about the rain. It was a beautiful, fun wedding. (she's drinking water) My sister and her husband are probably sipping pina coladas about now on the beach :)

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Maria said...

So glad for the water disclaimer so I wouldn't have thought she was hitting the bubbly at an early age!! :) Seriously though, it looked like SO MUCH FUN!!! Glad you are home.