Saturday, June 28, 2008

You know you are a little bit crazy if...

You can't enjoy the movie on a date night with your husband because you think someone might blow the theater up. Seriously, I'm that crazy. But, those thoughts weren't unprovoked. There was a guy by himself in front of us to buy a ticket (just one ticket). There is absolutely nothing wrong with going to the movies by yourself, but this was his conversation with the ticket lady:
Guy: Do you take American Express?
Ticket Lady: Yes
Guy: Then I'll take one ticket to the next movie.
Ticket Lady: There are 27 theaters here, which movie do you want to see?
Guy: Whichever starts next

What? So I was freaked out for the first half of the movie thinking he was up to something. I did enjoy date night. But, I called my aunt and uncle just to make sure they knew where the kids were in the event that this theater didn't make it.
As far as the movie, we saw The Happening. It was a little scary for my liking, it was hubs' pick. I don't like movies that are scary in a way that could really happen. It freaks me out, and as you know, I was already a little freaked out :)
On a side note, there will be no cute kiddo pictures until I remember to go save all my pictures on CD because all of my memory cards are full.

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Nathan, Amanda, Violet & Anara said...

You aren't crazy - or if you are then I am even more. I wouldn't have been able to focus either. I don't even need provoked to worry about public places blowing up. And, I can never ever see that movie. The previews were enough to make me panic. :)