Thursday, June 12, 2008

VBS Fun, Good Neighbors, and the End of The Bible

The kiddos are having a great time on "Outrigger Island" at VBS this week, but it wears them out! C, who gave up naps long ago, has napped every day this week. Here are a few shots from VBS. When we got home yesterday, we found a gift on our doorstep from our new neighbors. They are an elderly couple that have fallen in love with our kiddos. Mr. Eugene is a retired electrician and woodworker. He left a very finely crafted (like better than you would find in any store) table, chair, and toolbox on the steps for C. Mrs. Martha, his wife, stops in to chat frequently during her afternoon walks and has already made AP a cute dress. We have never had really great neighbors until we moved. It is a neat experience. Here is C with his toolbox.
And lastly, we finished the Bible last night! C and I have been reading a chapter a night from his Childrens Bible and we read the last one last night. C decided to start over instead of choosing another book, so we will start at the beginning tonight. It is amazing how much of it that he has retained.
I'm off to work on a meal for another new baby! And tonight AP has a photo shoot, and No I'm not one of those moms that wants their child to be a model. AP was sought out by a photographer doing a shoot for a new Stras.burg store that opened nearby. I warned them up front that she cooperates only when the mood strikes her, but they really wanted her there. We'll see... Then tomorrow after VBS we head to Ohio for 10 days for my sister's wedding. Have I packed or finished laundry? Nope.

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