Sunday, July 18, 2010

back in the day

We've been watching the British Open this week at our house. This takes place at the St. Andrews Old Course in Scotland. Back in 2006, we took a family cruise through the British isles stopping in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Hubs absolute most favorite part was getting to walk on the course at St. Andrews. I pulled out the scrapbook that I had made of that trip and scanned in part of the St. Andrews page. Do you see little baby C? He was 2 I think, and the only child on that entire cruise! But he did great, and was really excited when I showed him that he had been to the course that was on TV today. While I was scanning in pictures, I scanned in this old picture of me and my mom. This appeared in my office a few months ago, I'm not sure where it had been hiding or why it was out, but we all had a good smile looking at it. This was around 1981, I'm guessing. She wins the good hair prize. I think that's the mark that most women were shooting for back then!


The Writer Chic said...

All I can say it, Holy cow that's some hair!

RoadDog said...

That was very nice of Mom to take all of us out there.

I was watching some of it as well at the bars and it brought back some memories.

We ate at some little place in the town and were amazed at how much they charged.

Sure enjoyed Bonnie Prince Charlie. Remember all of the attention he got at dinner from the wait staff on the liner?

Shannon said...

wow, her hair is great!! That red hat is something, too:)